Used Pianos

Fazer Upright piano

Fazer upright piano. (1982) in simulated satin walnut finish. ...
Ex Tax: £745.83

Yamaha B1 upright piano in cherry satin

One of Yamaha's best selling upright pianos. This piano has a lovely light touch with a bright tonal...
Ex Tax: £1,662.50

Kawai NS15 Upright Piano

Pre-owned Kawai NS15 in polished black. 1986 ...
Ex Tax: £2,412.50

Yamaha B1SG2PE Silent Upright Piano

Pre-owned Yamaha B1 Silent piano Rich resonance and subtly accurate reproduction - CFIIIS Sampli...
Ex Tax: £3,291.67

Chappell Mod 'A' Upright Piano

Pre-owned Chappell model A in satin teak. 1984 ...
Ex Tax: £1,495.83

Kemble Classic upright piano

Pre-owned Kemble classic piano in satin mahogany 1995 ...
Ex Tax: £1,541.67

Knight K10 upright piano

Pre-owned Knight acoustic piano in a satin teak finish. Warm sound and great tonal quality with a li...
Ex Tax: £1,329.17

Yamaha U1A upright piano

Pre-owned Yamaha U1A in Polished black. 1986 ...
Ex Tax: £2,875.00

Used Woodchester Cheltenham upright pian

Ex Tax: £1,662.50