Hughes & Kettner WMI-1 Midi Interface

Product Code: WMI-1

The Hughes & Kettner WMI-1 MIDI interface lets you control your GrandMeister over Wi-Fi, eliminating the need to run back to your amp if something doesn't sound right. After all, when you're onstage, your audience wants to hear you play, not watch you tweak your amp - especially if it's 20 feet behind you. The WMI-1 is easy to set up; just put your iPad on a mic stand in a convenient location, select the WMI-1 as a network in your iPad's Wi-Fi settings, then start adjusting your reverb levels, gain, and EQ settings with the easy-to-use GrandMeister remote app. One thing's for sure: the Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister is enormously popular here at Sweetwater, and the WMI-1 MIDI interface makes it even better!

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