Vic Firth Rute 16 Dowell

Vic Firth Rute 16 Dowell...
Ex Tax: £16.66

PP Drum Key

The Percussion Plus Drum Key is ideal for most drums, standard design and metal construction means t...
Ex Tax: £1.17

PP Budget Claves

Claves originate from Cuba and consist of a pair of short thick dowels that produce a sharp, high to...
Ex Tax: £3.58

Vic Firth Nova 5A red

Along with skins and the drum shell material your sticks are the most important change you can make ...
Ex Tax: £6.66

Vic Firth Nova 5A

Constructed from hickory with an oval-shaped wooden tip, Vic Firth 5A Drumsticks With Nova Impr...
Ex Tax: £6.66

Drum Throne Studio Series

Hayman DTR-025 Studio Series Drum Throne ...
Ex Tax: £33.33

Rawhide Bongo Head 6.5"

Ex Tax: £6.92

Drumstick Bag with Accessory Pocket

Drumstick bag, with accessory pocket and floor tom mounting hooks  ...
Ex Tax: £8.33

Hayman Drum Key

Regular T-model drum key  ...
Ex Tax: £0.99

Hayman 6

Cow bell, black, with screw, 6" ...
Ex Tax: £9.16

Hayman 5

Cow bell, black, with screw, 5"  ...
Ex Tax: £8.33

Hayman 6

Practice pad, octagonal, 6 inch ...
Ex Tax: £13.33