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Take It Away

Take It Away offers interest free loans to purchase musical instruments, gear and software. They are managed by Creative United, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company and funded by the Arts Council England. At Hickies Music Store with the “Take It Away” scheme, you can get a interest free loan of between £100 and £5,000.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Be a permanent UK resident
  • Have a regular income that exceeds £5,000 per year
  • Hold a bank or building society account capable of handling direct debit payments

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Yamaha YDP vs CLP | What is the difference and which should you choose?


At Hickies we sell every Yamaha digital piano in production. Naturally we get many questions from our customers trying to make a comparison between these models to best understand which will suite them most. This article outlines both the Yamaha Arius “YDP” and Yamaha Clavinova “CLP” range of digital pianos to make the best comparison of the ranges that we can. We chose to compare the Arius and Clavinova range because they are created for a similar purpose, to replicate the experience of playing on an acoustic piano. However this experience is tailored by Yamaha to different types of musicians and with vastly different budgets in mind.

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So lets at a first glance outline all of the digital pianos that make up the Arius and Clavinova line of digital pianos by Yamaha, we’ve given a short overview of each model and a link to these pianos in our store. Then we’ve outlined in detail the most important specification to compare the models in each range. Lastly we’ve offer our best recommendations for some of the common scenarios that customers often need when they visit our store.

Yamaha YDP Arius Range

The Arius range is Yamaha’s attempt to make the best “student” digital piano. What is implied by student piano? This simply mean that Yamaha. In total there are two different YDP models for 2018 these include:

Yamaha YDP-143

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Our YDP-143 Is Here –>

Yamaha YDP-163

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Our YDP-163 Is Here –>

Yamaha CLP Clavinova Range

The Clavinova range is Yamaha’s attempt to produce the best digital piano possible, with no budgeting taken into account. In total there are eight different CLP models for 2018 these include:

Yamaha CLP-625

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Our CLP-625 Is Here –>

Yamaha CLP-635

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Our CLP-635 Is Here –>

Yamaha CLP-645

This is just a test

Our CLP-645 Is Here –>

Yamaha CLP-675

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Our CLP-675 Is Here –>

Yamaha CLP-685

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Our CLP-685 Is Here –>

Specification Comparison

Here we have some of the most relevant specifications for the Arius and Clavinova range of Yamaha digital pianos. These specs use some specific terminology defined by Yamaha themselves. We have a few articles that explain some of these Yamaha technologies and reading them

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Arius Specifications

Spec YDP-143 YDP-163
Action Type 1 1

Clavinova Specifications

Spec YDP-625 YDP-635 YDP-645 YDP-675 YDP-685
Action Type 1 1 1 1 1


So which Yamaha digital piano do you think might be right for you? This can vary considerably for many reasons, here is our best outline that we explain to our customers in store.

New to the piano or on a budget?

A digital can be a great place to start for many new pianists because they cost less than an acoustic and can be played with headphones. If you live in the UK we also offer a digital piano rental service, if you are in this category then this service may be helpful to you.

Thinking of the CLP-625?

You might be better off upgrading to the CLP-635 or downgrading to the YDP-163. The CLP-625 shares the same functions and keyboard action as the YDP-163 but is on average about £300 pounds more expensive. Equally the CLP-645 is on average about £400 more expensive but you get… With these things considered it is often hard to recommend the CLP-625 compared to the rest of the Clavinova and Arius range.

You want a very authentic playing experience?

The system is the most accurate keyboard system that Yamaha has to offer. If you spend a moment a play a

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Reading Flute, Clarinet & Saxophone Lessons

If you want to learn the clarinet, saxophone or flute then you can start at our Music School. We have a dedicated woodwind teacher called Ruth Cumiskey. Ruth can work though any musical grades that you would like to study on your chosen instrument. Ruth has years of experience teaching at Ranelagh School in Bracknell, we have no doubt you will have a great time taking part in her lessons.

To learn more about our lessons follow this link –>