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Introducing the ACOUSTIC:CORE by Blackstar, a revolutionary amplification system meticulously designed for the modern-day singer-songwriter. It’s not just an amp; it’s your gateway to achieving professional sound without the fuss of complex sound engineering. Whether you’re a live performer, a recording enthusiast, or a live streamer, this compact powerhouse caters to all.

At the heart of ACOUSTIC:CORE is the genius of the team behind the award-winning Sonnet acoustic amplifier series. The result? A sonic experience that stays true to the natural warmth of acoustic tones, further enhanced by Blackstar’s renowned CORE digital platform. Each strum, pluck, and vocal note will resonate with unmatched clarity, transporting your audience into a world of auditory delight.

If you’re looking to add a touch of creativity, the amp’s Super Wide Stereo technology will undoubtedly inspire. It not only provides that expansive acoustic and vocal depth but also comes with studio-grade reverb effects for each channel. And for the guitarists out there, you’ll appreciate the two distinct chorus effects crafted just for your instrument channels.

But the ACOUSTIC:CORE isn’t just about the sound. It’s also about eliminating nuisances. Say goodbye to unwanted acoustic feedback with the amp’s intuitive global phase control. Plus, for those larger gigs or studio sessions, you can effortlessly share your mix through the XLR D.I. Mix Out.

With its dual channels, and a stereo line in, this amp is versatile, making it perfect for solo artists, duets, or even integrating backing tracks. And if you’re on the go, its battery-power option ensures your sound never falters, wherever you are.

Here’s a sprinkle of tech specs for those in the know: The ACOUSTIC:CORE boasts 30W power through a 2x15W Super Wide Stereo setup. It’s equipped with dedicated instrument and Mic/Line channels, each having tailored EQ settings. The instrument channel offers you both vintage and wide chorus, and room and hall reverbs, all in Super Wide Stereo. Meanwhile, the Mic/Line channel provides room and hall reverbs in Super Wide Stereo. And that’s not all! From its speaker-emulated output, line out/headphones, to TRRS streaming and USB audio – this amp ensures you’re always connected.

In terms of design, it’s compact yet sturdy. With its tilt-back stand and the option to mount on a PA stand, positioning is flexible. Its twin 5-inch speakers ensure that the sound quality remains top-notch, no matter the setup.

So, if you’re an aspiring or professional singer/songwriter looking for that edge, the ACOUSTIC:CORE is your answer. A synthesis of impeccable sound, adaptability, and state-of-the-art technology, all encapsulated in a compact, portable combo. Elevate your sound and redefine your musical journey with Blackstar’s ACOUSTIC:CORE.


The Modern Singer-Songwriter’s Dream

Designed specifically for the evolving needs of today’s singer-songwriters, ACOUSTIC:CORE ensures you achieve that professional sound without diving deep into sound engineering. Whether you’re recording, live streaming, or performing live, this amp has got you covered.

Acoustic Purity

Developed by the masterminds behind the award-winning Sonnet acoustic amplifier series, the ACOUSTIC:CORE brings forth an unmatched natural acoustic tone. This is further amplified by the innovative CORE digital platform from Blackstar.

Super Wide Stereo Experience

Unleash your creativity with the Super Wide Stereo technology. It provides an immersive acoustic and vocal depth, alongside studio-quality reverb for both channels, and two distinct chorus effects for your instrument.

Feedback? Not An Issue!

With its built-in global phase control, unwanted acoustic feedback will be a thing of the past. Keep your performances smooth and uninterrupted.

Ready for the Big Stage

Be gig-ready always! With the XLR D.I. Mix Out, you can effortlessly integrate with larger sound systems, ensuring your sound reaches every corner of the venue.

Versatility At Its Best

With two channels and an additional stereo line in, the ACOUSTIC:CORE is perfect for solo acts, duets, or playing along with backing tracks. The world is your stage!

Portable and Powerful

Compact, lightweight, and optionally battery-powered, this amp is designed for the artist on the move without compromising on its 30W Super Wide Stereo power output.

Stay Connected

From speaker-emulated outputs to TRRS streaming and USB audio capabilities, the ACOUSTIC:CORE ensures you’re always connected, whether it’s for recording, streaming, or just jamming along with your favorite tracks.

Flexible Setup Options

Whether you’re on a stage or in a studio, the amp’s tilt-back stand and PA stand mountability offer versatile positioning, ensuring optimal sound delivery every time.


Power 30W (2x15W Super Wide Stereo)
Channels Instrument and Mic/Line
EQ Instrument Channel Low, High
EQ Mic/Line Channel Low, Mid, High
Instrument Enhance Yes
Mic/Line Vocal Clarity Yes
Effects Instrument Channel 2 chorus (Vintage and Wide), 2 reverb (Room and Hall) in Super Wide Stereo
Effects Mic/Line Channel 2 reverb (Room and Hall) in Super Wide Stereo
XLR D.I. Output Yes
Phase Feedback Suppression Yes
Speaker Emulated Output Yes
Line Out/Headphones Yes
Line In Yes
TRRS Streaming Yes
USB Audio Yes
Tilt-back Stand Yes
PA Stand Mountable Yes
Speakers 2×5″