Concerto For Violin In D Op.61


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Beethoven’s Concerto For Violin And Orchestra is one of the most famous works in the history of music. Over the last 150 years it has been published in numerous editions, none of which have up to nowdone justice to the work. For this edition Jonathan Del Mar has freed the work of additions made over the decades by various editors and violinists. The significance of Beethoven’s solo and tutti markings hasalso been clarified for the first time.

Following the publication of the full score, Piano reduction and orchestral parts (BA 9019) in the autumn of 2009, Bärenreiter is now publishing a study score of thispioneeringcritical edition which will prove indispensible for all violinists and students as well as for orchestras and music libraries.

An introduction by Beethoven expert Barry Cooper on the history ofthis concerto is included for the first time.

Del Mar’s edition clarifies Beethoven’s solo and tutti markings for the first time.