Fender Deluxe Stratocaster Sapphire Blue Transparent


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The classic Stratocaster design with modern appointments bringing the best of tradition and innovation. The Fender Deluxe Stratocaster has a 12” fingerboard radius which is much flatter than a vintage neck, allowing for large bends that will not “fret out” as some of the vintage necks are prone to. This Deluxe Strat has vintage noiseless pickups that keep true to a vintage single-coil pickup tone but removes the loud hum often heard when amplified. Between the tone controls there is also a push-push switch that when engaged activates the bridge pickup when using selector positions 4 and 5, this adds more sonic possibilities than a standard SSS configuration. The bridge is a two-point synchronised tremolo with vintage saddles combining an original aesthetic with modern playability. For increase tuning stability this deluxe Stratocaster also has locking tuners.


Body Material


Neck Material


Neck Shape

Modern C

Scale Length


Fingerboard Radius


Number of Frets


Fret Size

Narrow Tall


Vintage Noiseless Single Coil


2-Point Synchronised Tremolo