Gretsch G5031FT Rancher


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Gretsch have always been at the cutting edge of guitar design and innovation and the G5031FT Rancher is no different! Blending the boundaries between the semi acoustic (electric guitar) & the electro-acoustic guitar, this instrument feels like a celebration of what makes Gretsch  acoustic and electric instruments so legendary. This model features:

  • A custom made ‘Fideli’Tron’ humbucker pickup made specifically for this guitar (mounted between the sound-hole and the neck) for a unique and warm electrified sound.
  • Classic Dreadnaught body shape for a punchy acoustic projection.
  • Reinforced solid spruce top and rosewood bridge for a fantastic tone.
  • Grestch rancher design rather reminiscent of the company’s 50s era style.
  • Unusual but gorgeous pickguard shape and sound hole.