Hofner HGL7 Greenline Series Guitar


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Handmade in Germany. Spruce top, flamed maple body, alder neck with smoked oak fingerboard. Smoked oak bridge, bone saddle and NuBone® nut. Eco finish of waxes and oils. Nut width 50 mm, scale length 650 mm.


Shape Hofner
Wood Top Solid spruce AA
Soundhole 85mm diameter
Bracing 0
Wood Back Maple
Wood Sides Maple
Binding Top Cherry
Binding Back Cherry
Purfling top b
Purfling back 0
Purfling sides 0
Wood Alder
Reinforcement Maple
Headstock Shape Hofner
Decoration of headstock Standard Hofner
Faceplate Maple
Rear headplate 0
Heel Cap Maple
Wood Smoked Oak
Scale 650mm
Nut Width 50mm
Width At 12th fret 61mm
Side Dots fret 5 / 7 / 9
Number Of Frets 19