Note Speller – Book 1 (Revised)


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Song List

  • Bass Clef Lines
  • Bass Clef Spaces
  • Bass Clef Spelling
  • Bass Note Writing
  • Correlating Note And Rest Names
  • Enharmonic Note Writing
  • Further Drill On Both Clefs
  • Half Steps And Whole Steps (With Accidentals)
  • Half-steps And Whole Steps (White Keys)
  • How Rests Are Named
  • How Stems Are Places On Notes
  • How To Keep The Slogans Straight
  • How To Read Sharps, Flats And Naturals
  • Identifying The Time Value Names
  • Inner Leger Line (Below Treble And Above Bass)
  • Inner Leger Line Spelling
  • Learnming The Time Value Names
  • Lines And Spaces
  • Note Writing From Number Names
  • Number Names Of Lines And Spaces
  • Outer Leger Lines (Above Treble And Below Bass)
  • Outer Line Spelling
  • Putting In Measure Bar Lines
  • Sharps, Flats And Naturals In The Bass Clef
  • Treble Clef Lines
  • Treble Clef Spaces
  • Treble Clef Spelling
  • Treble Note Writing
  • Using Both Clefs