ABRSM: Violin Star 2 – Accompaniment Book


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Violin Star is a three-book series offering beginner violinists refreshing and inspirational pieces to build confidence and musical skills. The repertoire is tailored to develop specific techniques through a range of styles. This Accompaniment book includes separate piano and violin accompaniments for every piece featured in the Student’s book.

Song List

  • Gypsy Fiddle
  • Floating By
  • Havana Breeze
  • The Dancing Master [Anon. English]
  • Ride on a Quad Bike
  • Spring Song [Trad. Hungarian]
  • Beethoven Boogie [Ludwig van Beethoven]
  • Jingle Bells [J. Pierpoint]
  • Pachelbel’s Canon [Pachelbel]
  • Morning Has Broken [Trad. Scottish]
  • Caribbean Moonlight
  • Old-Time Waltz [Trad. English]
  • Ukulele Sam
  • Action Hero!
  • Action Hero! Improvisation
  • Buzz, Buzz, Buzz [Hoffman von Fallersleben]
  • Harpist’s Fingers [Trad. Welsh]
  • A North Country Lass [Trad. English]
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Meha’s Song [Trad. South Indian]
  • John Ryan’s Polka [Trad. Irish]
  • Jewish Dance [Trad. Klezmer]
  • Lullaby
  • Galliard [Tylman Susato]
  • Bouree from Limousin [Trad. French]
  • Hen-Coop Rag
  • The Duke of Lorraine’s March [Trad. English]
  • Little Brown Jug [J Winner]
  • Hand in Hand [Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart]
  • Greek Wedding [Trad. Greek]
  • Casey Jones [Trad. American]
  • The Boat to Inverie