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How To Play Bagpipe Method & Songbook with CD published by Santorella Publications is a great addition to our “How To” series. This incredibly popular guide provides the basic knowledge needed to become a masterful bagpiper. Our unique approach includes instructions, diagrams & sketches detailing basic music theory, finger positions, grace notes, doublings and other items essential to the fundamental understanding of the bagpipe. This revised edition of How to Play the Bagpipe Method & Songbook now includes an instructional performance CD. This “award winning” method begins by providing a general understanding of basic music theory, knowledge that is not only applicable to the bagpipe, but is universal regardless of the instrument you may study. Once you have developed a musical vocabulary, you will learn to play the practice chanter, which concentrates on learning the fingerings before attempting to incorporate breathing techniques and the handling of the full set of pipes. Next you will learn to play five or six simple tunes on the chanter. Once you have mastered these pieces, you may advance to playing the bagpipe itself. Then you’ll get to hear one of the greatest pipers today. Although his modesty and contractual obligations have required us to keep him anonymous, we can tell you that his credits include contributions to the movie soundtracks of “The Titanic”, Braveheart” and so many other modern day films. This incredible piper is the first on call in Hollywood for any production. So sit back, listen, learn and enjoy at your own pace. Once you have constructed a solid foundation test your skills and build your repertoire. Relish the excitement of learning to play 30 all-time favorites on this beautifully obscure instrument: Includes the following “Piper” favorites: Sword Dance – Corriechoillie’s Welcome March – The Sweet Maid of Glendaruel – The High Road to Linton – Tail Toddle – Blue Bells of Scotland – Robin Adair – The Barren Rocks of Aden – 42nd Highlanders – Scotland the Brave – Highland Laddie – My Love She’s But a Lassie Yet – Happy We’ve Been A’Thegither – The Green Hills of Tyroll – March Teribus – Earl of Mansfield’s March – Corn Riggs – My Home – Rowan Tree – The Pride of Scotland – Pibroch Donald Dhu – The Cameron Men – A Hundred Pipers – The Marquis of Huntly – Kenmure’s March – Bonnie Dundee – The lnvercauld March – Monymusk – The Kilt is My Delight – The Piper O’Drummond.