Ukulele For Dummies – 2nd Edition


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With the help of Ukulele For Dummies , learning to play this popular string instrument at a basic level has never been easier. Now in a fully updated second edition, this hands-on, friendly guide provides everything you need to know to pick up a Uke and get playing?fast. From purchasing a Ukulele and the necessary accessories to making sense of simple chord progressions and playing in a variety of styles?including pop, folk, Hawaiian, and holiday favourites?the second edition of Ukulele For Dummies will have you creating beautiful music in no time. For anyone wishing to learn to play this fun, surprisingly versatile instrument, Ukulele For Dummies covers all the basics,from chords and strumming patterns to guidance on finger picking?and everything in between. Plus, you’ll find tips to make certain chord changes easier, chords and tabs for popular Christmas and New Year songs, apps for mobile devices, the ten best Ukulele chords and so much more. – Audio tracks are available via online download at, creating a total musical instruction package. – Features a Ukulele buying guide for the novice. – Offers instruction in a variety of musical styles. – Provides finger-picking instruction and the chords and patterns you need to know. With its simple and clear instruction, and inspiration on every page, the second edition of Ukulele For Dummies will have fans and first-time musicians making a big splash with this tiny instrument in no time.