The Essential Collection: Haydn Gold (CD Edition)


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Song List

  • Allegro In F
  • Country Minuet
  • Dance In G Major
  • German Dance
  • Gypsy Rondo
  • Hark! The Mountains Resound!
  • Minuet Iii
  • Minuet In Bb
  • Minuetto Giocoso
  • Piano Sonata No.3 In F
  • Piano Sonata No.34 In D
  • Piano Sonata No.50 In D
  • Piano Sonata No.59 In Eb
  • String Quartet In F
  • String Quartet No.58 In F Op.74 No.2
  • String Quartet No.62 In C ‘Emperor’
  • String Quartet No.68 In D Minor Op.103
  • String Quartet Op.51 ‘The Seven Last Words Of Jesus Christ’
  • Symphony No.100 In G ‘The Military’
  • Symphony No.101 In D ‘The Clock’
  • Symphony No.103 In Eb ‘The Drumroll’
  • Symphony No.104 In D ‘The London’
  • Symphony No.45 In F Sharp Minor ‘The Farewell’
  • Symphony No.92 In G ‘The Oxford’
  • Symphony No.94 In G ‘The Surprise’
  • Symphony No.97 In C Major
  • The Heavens Are Telling The Glory Of God