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Song List

  • Lord Of The Rings (Main Theme: The Ring Goes South)
  • Star Wars (Imperial March Theme)
  • Gladiator (Main Theme: The Battle)
  • Harry Potter (Hedwig’s Theme)
  • Chariots Of Fire (Main Theme)
  • The Lion King (Song: Circle Of Life)
  • The Great Escape (Main Theme)
  • The English Patient (Main Theme)
  • The Deer Hunter (Theme: Cavatina)
  • Blade Runner (Main Theme)
  • Dances With Wolves (Main Theme)
  • James Bond (Main Theme)
  • James Bond: Goldfinger theme
  • The Exorcist (Theme: Tubular Bells)
  • The Mission (Theme: Gabriel’s Oboe)
  • Lawrence Of Arabia (Main Theme)
  • Midnight Cowboy (Main Theme)
  • Superman (Main Theme)
  • Ghostbusters (Song: Ghostbusters)
  • Batman (Main Theme)
  • The Flintstones (Main Theme)
  • The Wizard Of Oz (Over The Rainbow)
  • Rocky (Main Theme)
  • The Magnificent Seven (Main Theme)
  • American Beauty (Theme: Any Other Name)
  • Pirates Of The Caribbean (‘He’s A Pirate’)
  • Cinema Paradiso (Main Theme)
  • Jean de Florette (Verdi – La Forza Del Destino)