Jack Johnson – To the Sea


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Johnson says the title of his fifth studio CD is “a reference to a father leading his son to the sea – with the water representing the subconscious, so it’s about trying to go beneath the surface and understandyourself.” The 2010 album dropped in June and debuted at #1. Our folio features all 13 tunes: Anything but the Truth • At or with Me • From the Clouds • My Little Girl • No Good with Faces • Only theOcean • Pictures of People Taking Pictures • Red Wine, Mistakes, Mythology • To the Sea • Turn Your Love • The Upsetter • When I Look Up • You and Your Heart.

Song List

  • My Little Girl
  • Anything But The Truth
  • At Or With Me
  • From The Clouds
  • No Good With Faces
  • Pictures Of People Taking Pictures
  • The Upsetter
  • To The Sea
  • Turn Your Love
  • When I Look Up
  • You And Your Heart
  • Only The Ocean
  • Red Wine, Mistakes, Mythology