ABRSM: Elementary Progressive Studies – Set I


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These books of studies provide invaluable practice material for the building of technique. The three sets of studies, each containing 24 studies, comprehensively explore violin playing in the various positions indicated. All of the books contain a good variety of finger technique, keys and bow strokes, and helpful fingerings and bowings are given.

Song List

  • 24 Elementary Progressive Studies – Set I: 1st Position: Semitones between 1st and 2nd Fingers
  • Semitones between 2nd and 3rd Fingers
  • Legato Crossing of Strings
  • Exercise for Strengthening the Fingers
  • Scale Passages
  • Legato Playing
  • Occasional use of 4th Finger
  • Exercise for Lifting the Bow
  • Preparatory Exercise for Trills
  • Arpeggio Exercise
  • Varied Bowings
  • Exercise for Developing the Independence of the Fingers with legato bowing
  • Lifted Bowing near the Heel
  • Preparatory Exercise for Trills, with Scale Passages
  • Spiccato Bowing
  • Exercise foor the smooth joining of the Bows
  • Scale Passages and Spiccato Bowing