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With this sheet music songbook, you can learn a large variety of Piano Solos from a great selection of genres, that have all been hand-picked with the specifications of the major exam boards in mind. This particular book is perfect for Grade 4 pianists, including some fantastic pop chart toppers, classical favourites and timeless tunes. This fantastic songbook includes some valuable supplementary repertoire for Grade 4 pianists of any age. These particular Piano Solos  will aid with your technique and theoretical skills, while also allowing you to play some incredible tunes that will help your musicality. Including such contemporary pop classics as Adele’s Make YouFeel My Love , On My Own  from the Les Mis?rables and the all-time classic Gershwin’s Summertime ,  these familiar tunes will be fun to play for any pianist. Not only this, but jazz tunes and contemporary classical pieces are included, such as Miles Davis’ All Blues , Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man, Einaudi’s Primavera  and Max Richter’s The Tartu Piano,  such familiar favourites allowing everyone to enjoy Grade 4 Piano! Aside from these  Piano Solos , there is a fine selection of the classical masterpieces, meaning there’s something in this songbook for everyone. Featuring Air On The G String, Clair De Lune  and Chopin’s beautiful  Prelude In E Minor , you’ll be amazed at the wonderful quality of the Piano Solos  that you can play at  Grade 4 . With a fantastically diverse collection of pop, jazz and classical songs, some beautifully crisp engraving and helpful performance tips for each song, this is the perfect songbook for Grade 4 pianists. It will help hone the techniques necessary for major exam boards, while enabling you to develop a versatile repertoire and have fun playing some familiar songs too.

Song List

  • Air On The G String [Bach, J.S.]
  • All Blues [Davis, Miles]
  • Clair De Lune [Debussy, Claude]
  • Comptine D’un Autre Et? (Am?lie) [Tiersen, Yann]
  • Elves’ Dance [Grieg, Edvard]
  • Make You Fee My Love [Adele]
  • On My Own (Les Mis?rables) [Sch?nberg, Claude-Michel] [Boublil, Alain] [Natel, Jean-Marc]
  • Prelude No.1 In C Major [Bach, J.S.]
  • Prelude In E Minor [Chopin, Frederic]
  • Primavera [Einaudi, Ludovico]
  • Ratatouille (Theme) [Giacchino, Michael]
  • River Flows In You [Yiruma]
  • Summertime [Gershwin, George]
  • The Tartu Piano [Richter, Max]
  • Watermelon Man [Hancock, Herbie]
  • Zadok The Priest [Handel, George Frideric]