Yamaha Clavinova CLP-745 Digital Piano


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Immerse yourself in a symphony of sounds with the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-745 digital piano. This piano, part of the esteemed Clavinova series, goes beyond traditional boundaries, providing an unforgettable musical experience that not only replicates the profound depth of an acoustic piano but also brings the convenience of modern digital technology to your fingertips.

The heart of the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-745 is Yamaha’s proprietary GrandTouch-S keyboard. Crafted with careful precision, this keyboard provides the pianist with a remarkably natural and responsive playing experience. From delicate pianissimos to thundering fortissimos, the keys respond to your touch with nuanced accuracy, replicating the experience of playing a concert grand piano.

Adding to the authentic playing experience, the CLP-745 features Yamaha’s unique Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM). This advanced technology simulates the entire process of sound resonance in an acoustic grand piano, creating a rich and highly resonant tone that is indistinguishable from the real thing.

Yet, Yamaha Clavinova CLP-745 is not just about delivering pure and beautiful sounds. The model comes with a myriad of cutting-edge digital features. The integrated Bluetooth audio, for example, allows you to connect your smart devices and play along with your favorite tunes or use various music apps. Additionally, the piano’s expansive 256-note polyphony ensures no notes are dropped even during the most complex performances.

The CLP-745 further extends its commitment to your musical growth with its inbuilt learning and practice aids. Yamaha’s Smart Pianist app, compatible with this model, helps you explore music in a more comprehensive manner, learn new songs, or just practice at your own pace.

In terms of aesthetics, the CLP-745 is designed to be a visually pleasing addition to any room. The elegant cabinet design, available in several finishes, radiates a sophistication that is both classic and contemporary.

One might ask, who crafted such a remarkable instrument, and why? The CLP-745 is a product of Yamaha’s century-long history of crafting world-class musical instruments. The company’s commitment to perfection and its experience in acoustic piano manufacturing shines through in every aspect of the CLP-745. The aim was simple: to provide a digital piano that delivers an authentic grand piano experience without the constraints of space and maintenance.

The Yamaha Clavinova CLP-745 is an embodiment of Yamaha’s musical expertise and technological innovation. It’s a versatile instrument that caters to both amateur and professional pianists, providing an intimate playing experience that is both rewarding and inspiring.

Whether you are a beginner starting your musical journey or a seasoned player looking for an advanced digital piano, the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-745, with its blend of tradition and technology, might just be the perfect instrument for you. Experience the depth and richness of its sound, the tactile pleasure of its keys, and the wonder of its features, and you may find your music transformed.

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Piano Finish

Black, White, Dark Walnut, Rosewood, White Ash, Polished Ebony


GrandTouch-S Keyboard: Feel the Authenticity

At the heart of the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-745 is its GrandTouch-S keyboard. Meticulously designed, the keyboard provides a sensitive and responsive touch, capturing every nuance of your performance, and beautifully mimicking the intricate dynamics of a grand concert piano.

Virtual Resonance Modeling: A Symphony of Resonance

The CLP-745 features Yamaha’s groundbreaking Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM). This state-of-the-art technology emulates the complex interaction of an acoustic piano’s strings, creating an unparalleled depth of tone and resonance that brings your music to life.

Integrated Bluetooth Audio: Connectivity at Your Fingertips

The Yamaha Clavinova CLP-745 transcends the ordinary with its built-in Bluetooth audio. Seamlessly connect your digital devices and immerse yourself in a personalized musical experience, playing along with your favorite tracks or tapping into the world of music apps.

256-Note Polyphony: Unleashing the Orchestra

Featuring an impressive 256-note polyphony, the CLP-745 ensures no notes get lost in the complexity of your performance. Each and every note you play will ring out with clarity, allowing you to convey your musical thoughts without constraints.

Smart Pianist App: Your Personal Tutor

The CLP-745 is compatible with Yamaha’s Smart Pianist app, transforming your learning experience. With this powerful tool, you can explore new pieces, improve your skills, and even visualize the chords in your favorite songs, right at your own pace.

Elegant Design: A Statement of Style

The CLP-745 is more than a digital piano; it’s a piece of art. With its sleek and refined cabinet design, it exudes sophistication and elegance, blending seamlessly with any decor and creating an appealing visual aesthetic.

Legacy of Yamaha: A Century of Craftsmanship

Born from Yamaha’s long history of creating world-class musical instruments, the Clavinova CLP-745 carries the company’s commitment to perfection. Every element of this digital piano reflects Yamaha’s passion for delivering an authentic grand piano experience that is accessible to all.