Second-Hand Condition Guide

“As New” Condition (Near Mint):

As good as condition as what you would find a “new” instrument on the shelves.
Minimal to no light body scratches or blemishes.
No issues of performance whatsoever, all electronics work perfectly and hardware is in great condition.
Minimal fret-wear.
As best a condition that is possible on an item from the secondary market.

“Weekend Warrior” Condition (Lightly Aged):

An instrument that is perfectly functional but shows sign of cosmetic wear & use.
May have minor blemishes such as: buckle rash, dents, a worn finish, oxidised hardware, chips & paint cracks.
Perfectly functioning hardware, electronics and pickups.
No warping or truss rod issues.
May have had replacement components or pickups.
Finishes may be aged or discoloured from use or external factors.

“Well Loved” Condition (Vintage/Worn):

Well loved instruments are worn, heavily played and/or could be in need of TCL or general maintenance.
May have intermittent electronic issues due to preserving vintage correct circuitry.
May have been repaired.
May have (very) oxidised hardware.
Bodies may be re-finished or stained, or pain removed in common play spots.
Plastic components may be aged from tobacco fumes or use (mint green).
May have replacement hardware or plastic components.
May have replacement hardware or electronic components.
Pickups may be lower output due to use.