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Hickies has established itself as a prime source of instrument hire in Berkshrie, Oxfordshire and the south of the United Kingdom. We provide instruments to both new and experienced musicians, local schools, halls and venues. Beginners can try out the instrument they’ve always wanted, without the large upfront cost to purchase. Professionals can access high quality instruments for gigs and concerts avoiding the need to transport their personal instruments. Organisations can provide their clients with great instruments to supplement their services, without the need to purchase, maintain or transport any instruments themselves. We really are committed to our customers and will work with you to provide a convenient, reliable & cost effective instrument rental service.

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Instrument Rental

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Steps to renting

First, choose an instrument from the list below and click ‘RENT THIS INSTRUMENT’. Each rental beginnes by starting your monthly direct debit and paying your deposit. The cost of your deposit is simply the value of two months rental and is refunded when you’ve finished hiring your instrument. You can rent your instrument for as long as you wish, when you’ve finished your rental, all you need to do is return the instrument to us. Pianos are both delivered and collected by us, so you don’t need to worry about collecting or returning your piano. We will then stop your direct debit and refund your deposit.

Key Features

A Flexible Rent To Buy Option

Use the value of your minimum rental period towards purchasing your instrument. This means that renting an instrument for the minimum period and then deciding to purchase comes at no extra cost. This is a great way for a beginner to try an instrument before committing.

High Quality Instruments

The instruments that we rent to you are made by reputable manufactures. Our piano brands include Yamaha and Kawai, both our woodwind and strings are produced by Stentor and our brass is a collection of Yamaha and Trevor James.

A Full Maintenance Guarantee

All of our instruments are sent to students fully serviced and setup. If you should ever need your instrument to be serviced during your rental, simply contact us and we will arrange to collect your instrument. We will work on your instrument and return it, for no extra charge.

No Maximum Rental Period

You can rent your instrument for as long as you need at the continued rental rate. This rental price will not increase and you will continue to benefit from our full maintenance guarante.

Premium Acoustic Piano

Our premium piano rental offers the highest of quality for those that require more from their instruments. With high-end Yamaha and Kawai pianos available you are insured quality. Their modern build design and clear pronounced tone cannot be matched.

Rental Rate £ 75 per month
Refundable Deposit £150
Minimum Rental Period 6 months

Silent Acoustic Piano

Renting a Yamaha silent piano is the best choice for those that require incredible acoustic piano tones at a more manageable volume level. Due to the innovative design of the Yamaha silent you can use it as traditional sounding acoustic piano with the option to plug in your headphones and practice safe in the knowledge that the rest of the world can’t hear you. A highly recommended rental.

Rental Rate £ 75 per month.
Refundable Deposit £150
Minimum Rental Period 6 months

Acoustic Piano

Renting an upright acoustic piano is an economical way to get hold of your perfect instrument without the rather daunting upfront costs. We offer a range of acoustic pianos to account for all tastes and preferences covering a wide selection of manufactures. Fill your home with music and unlock your musical potential by renting an acoustic piano with us.

Rental Rate £ 50 per month.
Refundable Deposit £100
Minimum Rental Period 6 months

Digital Piano

Acoustic Pianos despite their stunning tone are sometimes not practical for every environment, and we offer a fantastic sounding substitute in our range of rental electric pianos. Our Yamaha electric piano rentals are an ideal way to get a 88 keyed piano into your home at an affordable price.

Rental Rate £ 35 per month.
Refundable Deposit £70
Minimum Rental Period 6 months

Student Violin

Our violin rentals are one of the most affordable rental schemes available, but sound incredible thanks to the quality of the Stentor violin brand. Available in all student sizes including: full size, ¾ size, ½ size & ¼ size.

Rental Rate £ 6 per month.
Refundable Deposit £12
Minimum Rental Period 3 months

Student Cello

The humble cello is a backbone instrument of any orchestra and we supply rental cellos to allow upcoming musicians the opportunity to practice & learn the cello at an incredible price. Our Stentor cellos are available in many sizes to suit all hands, such as: full size, ¾ size, ½ size & ¼ size.

Rental Rate £ 17 to £ 20 per month.
Refundable Deposit £34
Minimum Rental Period 3 months

Double Bass

One of the largest instruments that we offer for rental is the double bass, this classy instrument is incredibly versatile and can be found on jazz stages and in orchestra pits alike. Our rental scheme allows players to rent and try our Stentor double basses without the intimidating upfront costs.

Rental Rate £ 35 per month.
Refundable Deposit £70
Minimum Rental Period 3 months

Alto Saxophone

The alto sax is an engineering delight and has an expressive, unique tone that few instruments can match, and thanks to our saxophone rental scheme you can take a sax home for an unbeatable price. Achieve your musical ambitions today by renting a sax with us. All of our alto saxophones are made by Yamaha insuring great quality.

Rental Rate £ 25 per month.
Refundable Deposit £50
Minimum Rental Period 3 months


The clarinet is one of the most popular classical instruments that we rent, and for good reason, they sound simply divine. Our clarinet rental scheme is excellent value and allows players to experience the charm of the clarinet from the great brand Yamaha at a reasonable price.

Rental Rate £ 14 per month.
Refundable Deposit £28
Minimum Rental Period 3 months


The delicate flute has an awe inspiring tone that captures the hearts of many, and you can recreate that tone by renting a flute with us. Our Yamaha flutes are cost effective and are of the highest quality, to suit students of all ages and abilities.

Rental Rate £ 14 per month.
Refundable Deposit £28
Minimum Rental Period 3 months


The trumpet is one of the most iconic instruments within any jazz band or classical orchestra, and you can experience its appeal and distinct tone first hand by renting one with us. Our trumpets are made by Yamaha, great quality and ready to be played.

Rental Rate £ 13 per month.
Refundable Deposit £26
Minimum Rental Period 3 months


A staple instrument in Brass bands up and down the country, the Cornet has proven itself to be an essential instrument over years of performance. Rent one today using our simple and flexible scheme.

Rental Rate £ 13 per month.
Refundable Deposit £26
Minimum Rental Period 3 months


The strong, punchy tone of the trombone is as distinct as it is appealing, and due to our flexible and affordable rental scheme you can try one from Yamaha, at an incredible price.

Rental Rate £ 20 per month.
Refundable Deposit £40
Minimum Rental Period 3 months

Common Questions

Q: My minimum rental period is now over and I want to buy my dream instrument, how do I go about this?

A: Simply come into store and purchase any instrument of the same class as the one you are renting and you will get your 'rent to buy discount'. Alternatively, If you would like to purchase the instrument you currently have then get in touch using the contact form below and we can give you a quote.

Q: Can I purchase a different class of instrument to the one that I am renting and still receive my rent to buy discount?

A: You can only receive your rent to buy discount on an instrument of the same class. This means that if you were renting a flute you cannot use your rent to buy discount to purchase a violin. Though we still have a wide range of makes and models to choose from in your instrument class.

Q: What quality is the instrument that I’m renting?

A: We rent out instruments from great brands like Yamaha, Kawai and Stentor. All of our instruments are maintained by a qualified technician with over 30 years experience.

Q: What happens if my instrument is stolen during my rental?

A: Unfortunately you would still be financially liable for replacing the instrument, however most home insurance policies will cover the theft of an instrument. If your home insurance does not cover this however both Allianz and Insure4music are great providers of musical instrument insurance for a minimal fee.

Q: Can I buy the exact instrument that I’m renting?

A: Yes you can.

Q: How do I terminate the rental?

A: Whether your rental was done online or in store you will need to return the instrument to either our Reading or Tiverton branch. With regards to Pianos you will need to contact us on 0118 9575771 (Reading) or 01884 257211 (Tiverton) to arrange a collection. In both circumstances the rental agreement continues until the goods have been returned to us.

Q: What happens if I terminate my rental policy but later on in the year I still want to buy an instrument? Do I still get a rental discount?

A: Yes you would still get a discount on your instrument purchase of up to 6 months worth of rental fees paid, however this is only valid within a 6 month period after your rental policy ended.