Est. 1864

Hickies’ Repairs

Instrument maintenance has always been an integral part of Hickies, since we opened our doors in 1864 we have been repairing and tuning instruments of all kinds. Accidentally breaking or damaging your instrument can be absolutely heartbreaking, but our passionate team of experienced and professional luthiers can often work wonders. At Hickies not only do we repair damaged instruments, we can also perform full servicing and modification. So if you need to repair a faulty machine head, service a flute with leaking valves or fit that new bridge pickup, Hickies surely can help.

Where To Start

Simply come into one of our stores with your instrument. All repairs start with a free consultation to establish a time frame and approximate quote for your repair. Simple repairs may take only a matter of hours on site, more complicated procedures can take up to three weeks to complete. Before any work starts you can specify exactly how much you’re willing to spend on your repair to avoid an unwanted fee, we’ll also contact you during the repair process to finalise the work that will be done and give an exact price for completion.

What instruments do we repair?

Guitars, Ukuleles & Basses

Here at Hickies we are proud to offer a wide range of electric, acoustic, classical, bass and ukulele repair services. Commonly requested repairs/modifications include: repairing a broken headstock or neck, re-stringing, fret dressing and replacement, general restoration, re-spraying, set ups, pickup or electronic replacement, onboard effect installation and many other requests, if you have a specific requirement please let us know and we will try to help however we can.

Stringed Instruments

At Hickies we repair some of the most popular stringed instruments available, including the violin, viola, cello, double bass and all the bows needed to play these instruments. We strive for ultimate customer satisfaction here at Hickies, and will endeavour to repair your instrument using only the finest materials and components available and with professional, experienced workmanship. Giving an estimate for repair can vary from case to case due to the unique nature of stringed instrument repair, for a rough quote bring your instrument to either our Reading or Tiverton store today for a free consultation.

Mark Werner

Mark has been working with Pianos as a tuner, restorer and repairer since his apprenticeship at Beestons Pianos Tiverton in 1979. Mark joined the Hickies team in 1989 and swiftly became our most dedicated piano specialist, restoring and tuning everything from Steinways, Bechstien and Bosendofer Pianos in upright and grand styles. Mark’s work is always reliable and efficient ensuring that every customer is satisfied and pleased with the results of his craftsmanship. In addition to Mark’s bountiful experience he has been a member of the Musical Instrument Technology since 1988. So if your Piano needs an overhaul, a touch of TLC or just a routine tuning then Mark is the man for the Job.

Ed Wells

Ed is our resident guitar, bass and ukulele specialist and can make on site repairs and modifications to fretted and stringed instruments at our Reading branch. Ed has years of experience repairing and setting up instruments and has worked under the wing a professional luthier since he started with us at Hickies. Confident, passionate and competent, Ed is an asset to our repair team, as he puts it: “I can restring anything”

William Elphick

William has been repairing electronic goods and instruments since 1977 and has decade’s worth of experience in the field. A graduate from Langley College and qualified via City and Guilds William has all the skills required to repair amps, keyboards, P.A systems and Digital Pianos and can repair goods on a detailed component scale (providing we have the parts). If you need to give your electronic instrument a bit of much needed TLC then William is the man for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much are your repair services?

A: Repair prices can vary quite dramatically, it all depends on the difficulty and time associated with a repair. We can give a quote when we see your instrument in store, if a quote cannot be given you can specify a maximum price willing to be spent.

Q: How long will it take to repair my instrument?

A: Some repairs can take a matter of hours in store but more dramatic damage to an instrument such as break in a guitar neck can take up to 3 weeks to repair.

Q: I cannot bring my piano to you, how can I get it repaired?

A: For the tuning and repair of pianos we will send a specialist to you please contact or call 01884 257 211 to get started.

Q: Do your instrument repairs have a guarantee?

A: Yes indeed they do, we guarantee all repair workmanship for the first 3 months after a repair.