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Trade Up with Yamaha and get a minimum of £150 off a new b series acoustic!

Have you been playing on a digital piano or acoustic that has seen better days and feel it might be time for an upgrade? If you’re looking for a quality acoustic then a great new deal from Yamaha is now available in-store at Hickies. This blog will give you the scoop on a fantastic new offer that’s just rolled out from Yamaha for their top-tier acoustic piano!

Yamaha is now giving a minimum of £150 contribution when you part-exchange your current digital or acoustic piano towards a new Yamaha b series acoustic. This deal also includes the Silent (SC3) and TransAcoustic (TC3) models of the b series piano too!

What are the requirements?

If you own a cabinet digital piano (this can be any brand), a second-hand acoustic piano (again any brand is fine) or a standard Yamaha b series acoustic (to upgrade to a SC3 or TC3 version), then you’re eligible. This great deal is only around for a limited time and while stocks last. So please come along to Hickies Music Store soon if you are interested. Once you’re in-store we can show you both the Yamaha b series acoustic to demo and give you an exact prices for trading in your old instrument!

Why a Yamaha b Series?

Choosing a Yamaha b Series is all about getting top-notch sound in a sleek, space-saving design. Yamaha doesn’t cut corners; every bit of these pianos, from the soundboard to the keys, is crafted to give you great sound and performance. Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years, these pianos have got your back. The b1 and b2 are super compact, so they’re perfect for smaller spaces. Plus, with finishes from polished ebony to warm mahogany or even trendy white, they’re sure to look great anywhere. So, if you’re after a solid piano that looks and sounds awesome, the b Series is a brilliant choice.

Now this offer also extends to both the Silent and TransAcoustic models so let us elaborate on these if you’re not familiar:

  • Silent Piano: The Yamaha SILENT Piano™ SC3, part of the revered b Series, is an innovative blend of traditional acoustic piano craftsmanship and cutting-edge silencing technology. When activated, its SILENT mode halts the hammers just before they strike the strings, ensuring no sound from the piano itself. Instead, advanced sensors capture your playing dynamics, which are then converted to lifelike digital tones heard exclusively through headphones. This means you get the authenticity of an acoustic piano, but with the freedom to play anytime without disturbing others. Beyond its silent capabilities, the SC3 boasts features like grand expression modeling, virtual resonance modeling, and the esteemed voices of Yamaha and Bösendorfer grand pianos, truly making it a standout in both performance and versatility. Whether you’re practicing in solitude or performing for an audience, the SC3 promises the best of both worlds.
  • TransAcoustic Piano: Yamaha’s TransAcoustic™ TC3 piano seamlessly melds the rich, evocative sounds of an acoustic piano with cutting-edge technology, offering players an unparalleled auditory experience. At its core, the TransAcoustic™ system utilizes the piano’s soundboard to amplify and project digital tones, without the need for traditional speakers. This innovative technology harnesses a transducer to transform digital sounds into vibrations, resonating throughout the entire piano. Notably, this system can reproduce the sonorous tones of two world-renowned concert grand pianos, the Yamaha CFX and the Bösendorfer Imperial, captured with precise binaural sampling. Beyond its acoustic capabilities, the TC3 is a marvel of modern tech with Bluetooth® audio playback, recording functions, a dedicated app for intuitive operations, and a rich palette of additional instrument sounds. Whether played at full volume or in quiet mode with headphones, the TransAcoustic™ TC3 offers a real acoustic performance, tailored for any environment.

Try the b series in Hickies Music Store!

So there you have it folks! A golden opportunity to upgrade your piano to a quality acoustic with Yamaha’s brilliant new deal. The b Series combines the best of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation! And remember, with a minimum0f £150 contribution when you part-exchange now’s is a great time to upgrade. Just pop by Hickies Music Store to try these pianos, ask us any questions you might have, and then simply upgrade with us taking care of all the rest in-store!

Cheers, from Hickies Music Team.