Aulos Recorder Descant 204AF U Design Finger Disabilty


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Aulos Descant 204AF U Design Finger Disability – Key Features

  • Tone: Excellent response with strong, full sound throughout the register.
  • Design: Seven-pieces. Curved windway, concave bell at the footjoint. Adjustable finger holes – A person with any six usable fingers can play an entire chromatic scale from c” to a”’. If seven fingers are available in any combination, the range is extended by three semitones.
  • Colour: Dark Brown and Ivory.
  • Suitable for: Designed specifically for players with finger disabilities. players can fix the finger holes to the position where they can play recorder comfortably.
  • Register: c’’ to a’’’
  • Fingering: Baroque (English)
  • Material: ABS resin
  • Accessories: Leatherette bag, cleaning rod, joint grease, thumb rest, glue and rubber ring.
  • Length: 32.4cm