Barnes & Mullins 5 String Empress Banjo


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The B&M Empress banjos are beautiful instruments named in memory of the ‘RMS Empress of Ireland” steam ship which sank on Canada’s St Lawrence River in May 1914 with the loss of over 1000 lives. Mr Albert Mullins, who was on the return leg of a 2 year worldwide sales voyage, was one of the lost souls that day.


Style: 5 String, ‘G’ Banjo

Neck: Walnut

Resonator: Burl, Figured Walnut

Fingerboard: Ovengkol

Rim: Stained Maple

Bracket Qty: 24

Flange: Flat

Hardware: Chrome

Head: Remo Vellum

Tone Ring: Rolled Brass

Machineheads: Geared, Planetary Style