Barnes & Mullins Mandolin Abbott Model With Flat Back


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Based upon a recently discovered Barnes & Mullins ‘Abbott’ mandolin from the early 20th century, the BM400 can be described as a folk-style instrument with its round soundhole and flat-top and flat-back design and overhanging fingerboard.


Top: Solid Spruce,

Back and Sides: Okoume,

Fingerboard: Ovengkol,

Bridge: Composite Wood,

Sound Bar: Spruce,

Headstock: Slot-head

Machineheads: Side-mounted open gear.


  • Solid Spruce Back and Sides
  • Okoume Fingerboard
  • Ovengkol Bridge
  • Composite Wood Sound Bar
  • Spruce Headstock
  • Slot-head Machineheads
  • Side-mounted open gear