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Elevate your guitar effects setup with the innovative BOSS BCB-90X, the latest evolution of the renowned BCB-series pedalboard. Building on the legacy of its predecessor, the BOSS BCB-60, this next-gen offering caters to the demands of contemporary musicians, providing the adaptability to handle diverse pedal types and configurations with ease. Whether you’re using BOSS compacts, the GT-1000CORE multi-effects, 200-/500-series pedals, loop switchers, volume/expression pedals, or other effects units, the BCB-90X ensures you can fashion your ideal pedal layout.

The BOSS BCB-90X is the epitome of smart design combined with sturdy construction. It comes with a customizable insert crafted from high-density foam that holds your pedals securely. The insert, initially designed for nine standard BOSS stomps, can be customized to accommodate almost any pedal size, thanks to its easily cuttable material. Not only does it hold your gear in place during performances and transit, but it also allows for neat cable management, with a dedicated channel under the insert for tidying up your wiring.

But that’s not all, the BCB-90X pedalboard stands out for its durability and lightweight design. The tough molded construction not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also ensures longevity, providing maximum protection for your precious pedals. The detachable lid features secure locks and foam lining, safeguarding your gear while on the move. This pedalboard even pays attention to minute details like having rubber feet that prevent floor scratches while providing a firm grip.

One of the major conveniences of this pedalboard is the built-in junction boxes for instrument input, mono/stereo outputs, and power. It simplifies your setup, placing input/output jacks at the top of the board for effortless connection. To power up your pedals, it comes with a daisy-chain cable and a PSB-1U adaptor, capable of powering up to ten pedals.

The BOSS BCB-90X pedalboard features a 1/4″ phone type input jack, send jack, return A/B jack, output A/B jack, and DC IN/OUT jack. It runs on a 9V DC power supply via an AC adaptor. Inside the package, you’ll find an AC adaptor (PSB-1U + AC Cable Set), a 10-pin parallel DC cable, and a pre-cut insert pad (thickness:10mm), along with an owner’s manual. Accessories like additional AC adaptors and pre-cut insert pads are available separately.

Measuring 661 mm in width, 383 mm in depth, and 113 mm in height, and weighing in at 3.3 kg, the BCB-90X is light yet robust, making it the perfect companion for musicians on the go. It embodies the innovative spirit of BOSS, offering an all-in-one solution for organizing and protecting your pedal setup while ensuring the best performance on stage and in the studio.


Customizable Layout

With the BOSS BCB-90X, you can create a pedal layout that’s personalized to your needs. The high-density foam insert is pre-scored for nine standard BOSS stomps but can be custom-cut to accommodate virtually any pedal size.

Efficient Cable Management

The BCB-90X offers a neat and clean look, thanks to an integrated cable guide channel under the foam insert. This channel allows you to hide away long audio and DC cables, keeping your setup tidy and clutter-free.

Lightweight and Durable Construction

The BCB-90X continues the BOSS tradition of rugged and durable construction. This pedalboard is not only robust and hard-wearing but also remarkably lightweight, making it perfect for touring musicians.

Easy Connection with Built-in Junction Boxes

This pedalboard simplifies your gig setup with built-in junction boxes for instrument input, mono/stereo outputs, and power. These junction boxes bring I/O jacks to the top of the board, facilitating quick and easy connections.

Accommodates a Variety of Pedals

The BCB-90X is compatible with a broad range of pedal types, including BOSS compacts, GT-1000CORE multi-effects, 200-/500-series pedals, loop switchers, volume/expression pedals, and more.

Secure and Transport-Friendly Design

The detachable lid of the BCB-90X locks securely, protecting your pedals during transit. Inside, the lid is lined with foam, providing added cushioning for your gear. The pedalboard also features rubber feet for a secure grip and to prevent floor scratches.

Powering Multiple Pedals

Included with the BCB-90X is a daisy-chain cable and a PSB-1U adaptor, enabling you to power up to ten pedals simultaneously, thereby reducing the clutter of multiple power supplies.

Compact Size and Weight

Despite its durable construction and wide range of features, the BCB-90X remains compact, measuring 661 mm in width, 383 mm in depth, and 113 mm in height. Weighing just 3.3 kg, it’s easy to carry, making it an ideal choice for traveling musicians.


Specification Details
Product BOSS BCB-90X Pedalboard
Customizable Layout Yes, with high-density foam insert
Cable Management Yes, with integrated cable guide channel
Construction Lightweight and durable molded design
Junction Boxes Built-in, for input, output, and power
Pedal Compatibility BOSS compacts, GT-1000CORE, 200-/500-series pedals, loop switchers, volume/expression pedals, etc.
Lid Detachable with secure locks
Connectors INPUT Jack (1/4″ phone type), SEND Jack (1/4″ phone type), RETURN A/B Jack (1/4″ phone type), OUTPUT A/B Jack (1/4″ phone type), DC IN/OUT Jack
Power Supply DC 9V: AC adaptor
Included Accessories AC adaptor(PSB-1U + AC Cable Set), 10-pin parallel DC cable, pre-cut insert pad (10mm thickness), Owner’s Manual
Optional Accessories AC adaptor (PSB-1U), pre-cut insert pad (10mm thickness)
Width 661 mm (26-1/16 inches)
Depth 383 mm (15-1/8 inches)
Height 113 mm (4-1/2 inches)
Weight 3.3 kg (7 lbs. 5 oz.)