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When the Boss Katana Air first arrived at Hickies we were absolutely awestruck by its innovation and tone all wrapped up in a neat and tidy package. The unique selling point of the Katana air is built around its wireless Bluetooth jack connection, which allows for a unique cable free playing experience which is ideal for practice & home use as it’s easier than ever to just plug in and play. The Wireless jack connection in question is powered by its own battery that charges when it’s left in the amplifiers charging dock when not in use and thanks to the units small yet mighty stereo speakers (30 watts) it will not only make your guitar tone amazing but also any other Bluetooth devices that you link to it.

Core Features of the Katana Air:

  • Features 5 amp characters and 50 boss effects that can all be stores 6 on board memory slots.
  • Doubles as a Bluetooth speaker!
  • 30 watts of volume carried by high quality Stereo speakers.
  • Powered by 8 AA batteries or included AC adapter.
  • Headphone input for those late night Jam sessions.
  • Ultra low latency wireless system! Play anywhere, anytime.