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Elevate your musical journey with the BOSS RV-6, an embodiment of infinite inspiration tailored for the modern guitarist. BOSS, a name synonymous with legendary sound quality, has seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technology and time-honored expertise to present the RV-6. This digital reverb pedal is not just an accessory, but a cornerstone for every guitarist’s pedalboard.

The BOSS RV-6 boasts of a rich and expansive soundscape that is unparalleled in its league. It’s not just a reverb; it’s a sonic experience. With its studio-grade algorithms, the RV-6 effortlessly transcends the boundaries set by its predecessors. Dive into its eight diverse sound modes, and you are promised a treat – from the classic reverberations of Room, Hall, and Plate, to the mystic allure of the new Shimmer and Reverb+Delay modes. Each mode is meticulously crafted, ensuring a sophisticated touch to your core tone. The Modulate setting swirls into richness, while the vintage Spring reverb resonates with the iconic amp sounds of yesteryears.

Innovation is at the heart of the RV-6. Its Dynamic mode is a testament to this, as it intuitively adjusts the reverb depth to your playing style. This ensures that even the most intense effects won’t overshadow your core tone. Modern guitarists will find themselves entranced by the immersive textures delivered by the Shimmer, Dynamic, and Delay+Reverb modes.

Yet, for all its sophistication, the RV-6 is incredibly user-friendly. Simple controls let you dial in top-notch reverb tones in moments. And while you explore the vast sonic terrains, rest assured that your original guitar tone remains untouched, thanks to its analog dry tone feature. Whether you are working with a mono setup or a complex stereo rig, the RV-6 integrates seamlessly, offering versatile I/O options. Plus, with the optional expression pedal input, you can wield real-time control over your reverb levels, adding an interactive dimension to your performances.

But what’s truly remarkable about the RV-6 is the meticulous attention to detail BOSS has poured into its design. From its compact size to its advanced algorithms, every aspect has been optimized, keeping the guitarist’s needs in mind. Every twist of a knob unveils a cascade of internally adjusted parameters, ensuring the ideal reverb texture for any setting.

To power your performances, the RV-6 offers both alkaline battery and AC adaptor options. Designed with a focus on durability and longevity, it promises approximately 3 hours of continuous use on an alkaline battery.

In conclusion, the BOSS RV-6 is not just another reverb pedal; it’s a legend reborn. Crafted for guitarists who refuse to compromise on sound quality, it stands as an emblem of BOSS’s relentless pursuit of perfection. Add the RV-6 to your rig, and let every note you play be a testament to unmatched sound quality and innovation. Dive into a world of infinite inspiration, because with the RV-6, you are always ready to play.

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Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 129 × 73 × 59 mm


Revolutionary BOSS Soundscapes

Dive into an expansive sonic universe with the RV-6. Engineered with cutting-edge BOSS technology, this pedal envelops your music in rich and immersive reverb tones, from classic to contemporary.

Eight Dynamic Reverb Modes

From the nostalgic vibes of a Spring reverb to the fantasy-like aura of the Shimmer mode, the RV-6 boasts eight diverse sound settings. Seamlessly switch between Room, Hall, Plate, and more to find the perfect ambiance for your melodies.

Intuitive and Interactive Play

With the RV-6’s Dynamic mode, your reverb depth intuitively adjusts to your playing touch. This ensures optimal sound clarity, allowing your core tone to shine, regardless of effect intensity.

Seamless Integration with Any Rig

Whether you’re a mono enthusiast or a stereo aficionado, the RV-6 effortlessly integrates into your setup. Its versatile I/O options and 100-percent wet output capability cater to diverse musical requirements, making it an essential for every pedalboard.

Real-time Reverb Control

Experience the thrill of live effect modulation. The RV-6’s input for an optional expression pedal lets you control your reverb levels in real-time, adding an interactive layer to your performances.

Analog Purity Meets Digital Mastery

While diving into the RV-6’s digital reverbs, your core guitar tone retains its analog essence. This hybrid approach ensures that your music benefits from advanced digital effects without sacrificing its original character.

Compact Design with Extended Playtime

Compact yet powerful, the RV-6 is tailored for the travelling musician. Its efficient design offers up to 3 hours of continuous use on an alkaline battery, ensuring your performances are always powered up.

Backed by BOSS Legacy

Standing tall on the legacy of BOSS, the RV-6 is more than just a pedal. It’s a testament to decades of sound engineering expertise, ensuring that every note you play resonates with unmatched clarity and depth.


Nominal Input Level -20 dBu
Input Impedance 1 M ohm
Nominal Output Level -20 dBu
Output Impedance 1 k ohm
Recommended Load Impedance 10 k ohms or greater
Controls Pedal switch, E.LEVEL knob, TONE knob, TIME knob, MODE knob
Indicator CHECK indicator (Also serves as battery check indicator)
Connectors INPUT-A (MONO) jack, INPUT-B jack, OUTPUT-A (MONO) jack, OUTPUT-B jack, EXP jack, AC adaptor jack (DC 9 V)
Power Supply Alkaline battery (9V, 6LR61), AC adaptor (sold separately)
Current Draw 95 mA
Expected Battery Life (Alkaline) Approx. 3 hours
Accessories Included Leaflet (“USING THE UNIT SAFELY,” “IMPORTANT NOTE,” “Information”), Alkaline battery (9V, 6LR61)
Optional Accessories AC adaptor: PSA series, Expression Pedal: BOSS FV-500H, FV-500L, Roland EV-5
Dimensions (W x D x H) 73 mm x 129 mm x 59 mm (2-7/8 inches x 5-1/8 inches x 2-3/8 inches)
Weight (Including Battery) 450 g (1 lb)