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Unveiling the Casio CDP-S110, a sophisticated digital piano tailor-made for both novices and seasoned pianists. Its sleek black design is not just a sight to behold but is also a representation of advanced sound technology harmonized with the authentic touch of traditional pianos.

Touch sensitivity remains at the heart of any premium digital piano, and research suggests the same, with over 80% of piano educators emphasizing its significance. Casio’s CDP-S110 stands out in this domain, featuring the esteemed Scaled Hammer Action II mechanism. With its simulated ebony and ivory textured keys, players can revel in an experience that mirrors the genuine touch and weighting of acoustic pianos, ensuring a sound foundation for correct finger technique from the outset.

While its slimline design might suggest otherwise, the CDP-S110 is a powerhouse of sound. Embedded with the cutting-edge Dynamic Stereo Sound Engine and fortified with a built-in speaker system, it promises an audio experience that transcends boundaries. And for those moments when you seek solitude in your melodies, the headphone plug-in option ensures undisturbed immersion.

Connectivity is another domain where this digital piano surpasses expectations. Equipped with a USB port and an audio input, it effortlessly syncs with smartphones or tablets, amplifying the avenues to listen, learn, and integrate music from various devices. Its compatibility spectrum is vast, ranging from iOS to Android, transforming it into a versatile controller for a plethora of music apps and games.

The musical expedition with the Casio CDP-S110 extends beyond its keys. The complimentary Casio Music Space app, accessible on both iOS and Android platforms, emerges as a guide to over 100 classical masterpieces. It doesn’t stop there; it also doubles as a remote controller for your piano and a handy PDF music viewer.

Your investment in the CDP-S110 also unlocks a treasure trove of online lessons from the Casio Music Academy. Expertly curated and designed, these tutorials aren’t ephemeral trials but lifelong companions in your musical journey.

The quest for musical mastery is multifaceted, and understanding this, Casio, in partnership with Rockschool, offers an exclusive array of free music downloads. These tracks, backed by instrumental accompaniments, have been handpicked by leading music educators, ensuring a holistic musical growth.

Conclusively, the Casio CDP-S110 is more than a digital piano; it’s a musical odyssey in itself. With its state-of-the-art features, connectivity options, and educational resources, it promises an unmatched experience for those embarking on or continuing their musical journey. Embrace a world of unmatched sound and limitless possibilities with the CDP-S110.


Authentic Touch and Feel

Experience the genuine sensation of playing an acoustic piano with the CDP-S110’s Scaled Hammer Action II mechanism and its simulated ebony and ivory textured keys.

Ultra-Portable Design

Despite its full-size, the CDP-S110 boasts a lightweight build, weighing in at just 10.5kg, making it an ideal choice for both stationary and on-the-go use.

Dynamic Sound Engine

Don’t be deceived by its sleek design; the piano packs a punch with its state-of-the-art Dynamic Stereo Sound Engine, ensuring a grand auditory experience.

Connect and Play

Enhance your music sessions by effortlessly connecting your devices, be it iOS or Android, using the piano’s USB and audio inputs.

Diverse Power Options

Flexibility in power choices lets you plug into a wall outlet or go completely wireless using 6 AA batteries.

Comprehensive Learning Resources

Dive into a vast sea of musical knowledge with free access to the Casio Music Space app and the Casio Music Academy’s online lessons, ensuring continuous growth in your musical journey.

Exclusive Rockschool Partnership

Sharpen your skills with free music downloads and backing tracks, curated in collaboration with Rockschool, one of the leading music exam boards.

Inclusive Package

The CDP-S110 doesn’t come alone; enjoy the accompaniment of essentials like a power adapter, sustain pedal, music rest, and more, ensuring you’re all set from day one.

Seamless Connectivity

Whether you’re connecting to a PC, Mac, or a smart device, the CDP-S110’s USB connector ensures smooth interfacing, expanding its utility beyond just a digital piano.


Design Ultra Slim and Portable
Weight 10.5kg (excluding batteries)
Speaker System 8W + 8W
Battery Power Option 6 AA Batteries
Connectivity Headphone Output, Audio Input, USB Connector to PC, Mac, iOS, and Android
AC Adaptor Compatibility AD-A12150LW (Included)
Included Pedal SP-3 Sustain Pedal
Dimensions 1322 x 232 x 99 mm
Additional Accessory Music Rest