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Introduce yourself to a new world of sound with the Cort CM40B, a compact and versatile bass amplifier from Cort’s CM series. Crafted with the needs of both novice and seasoned bass players in mind, the CM40B promises a seamless, sound-enhancing experience designed to help you master your instrument and deliver a performance that resounds with your audience.

This sleek, black bass amp, drawing on its lineage from the best-selling CM150B, combines form and function in a package that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear. Don’t let its compact size fool you, it packs a punch, offering an impressive 40W of power that can navigate multiple musical genres. Whether you’re just starting out or seeking a streamlined practice amp, the CM40B makes an excellent companion, delivering power and clarity across a broad tonal spectrum.

The Cort CM40B stands out with a powerful 10” speaker. Engineered for efficiency and power, this speaker can get surprisingly loud while retaining clarity and balance, allowing your unique playing style and character to shine through. It’s perfect for practice sessions with your band, making it a great choice for those seeking to harmonize their skills in a controlled volume environment.

The CM40B offers precision control over the all-important mids. With its unique low and high mid controls, you can tailor your sound to match your musical genre or playing style with unprecedented accuracy. Complemented by bass, treble, and master dials, the CM40B gives you a range of tone-shaping possibilities.

Looking for something more? Engage the bright switch to infuse your upper frequencies with presence and shimmer, or activate the gain mode with a touch of a button, introducing a crackle of overdrive/distortion to your sound. Whether you want the low, rumbling growl of rock or the sharp clarity of funk, this amplifier is ready to deliver.

Understanding that modern musicians have diverse needs, the CM40B provides multiple connection options. With a headphone out and an auxiliary input, you can play late into the night or jam along to your favorite tracks without disturbing those around you. Need to connect to a PA system or a recording console? The balanced pre-out on the rear panel comes to your rescue, replicating the exact same tone that the amp produces.

Crafted with solid-state circuitry, the Cort CM40B offers a robust build quality that’s perfect for home or smaller venues. Its weight of just 9.7 kg, combined with dimensions of 375(W) x 270(D) x 365(H) mm, make it a handy, portable solution that doesn’t compromise on delivering a powerful, superior sound.

The Cort CM40B bass amplifier is a testament to Cort’s expertise in audio engineering, a product that doesn’t just perform but exceeds expectations. Trustworthy and reliable, it embodies the spirit of the modern musician, empowering you to take your music to new heights. Discover the richness of your sound with Cort CM40B – where compact meets powerful.


Compact Yet Powerful Design

Meet the Cort CM40B, a compact bass amplifier designed to bring out the best in your music. Don’t be fooled by its size – it comes with an impressive 40W power output, capable of delivering your sound far and wide with absolute clarity and precision. An ideal companion for those seeking a sleek, portable yet powerful amplifier for their bass.

Impressive Tone Control

The Cort CM40B puts you in complete control of your sound with its unique array of controls. With low and high mid knobs, bass and treble controls, and a master dial, you can fine-tune your sound across a wide tonal spectrum. Whether you crave the booming resonance of deep bass or the tight, snappy rhythm of funk, the CM40B is your canvas to create the sound you desire.

Engaging Bright and Gain Modes

Infuse your sound with an added layer of tonal richness with the bright and gain modes. Engage the bright switch to add a shimmering presence to your upper frequencies, or turn on the gain mode to inject your music with a crackling distortion. The CM40B lets you customize your sound, giving your performance the personality it deserves.

10″ Speaker for Maximum Efficiency

At the heart of the CM40B is a robust 10″ speaker, engineered for power and efficiency. Capable of achieving surprisingly high volumes while maintaining clear and balanced sound, it allows your unique playing style to come to the forefront. Whether practicing alone or jamming with your band, the CM40B’s speaker ensures you’re heard, loud and clear.

Convenient Connectivity

The CM40B is more than just an amplifier, it’s a multifunctional tool designed for the modern musician. With headphone out and auxiliary input options, you can play silently or jam to your favorite tracks without disturbing others. When it’s time to take the stage or hit the recording studio, use the pre-out to connect to external devices, reproducing the exact tone you love from your amplifier.

Solid-State Circuitry for Reliable Performance

With its solid-state circuitry, the CM40B offers a robust and reliable performance you can trust. Its thoughtful design and quality construction reflect Cort’s commitment to expertise and trustworthiness. From the rehearsal room to the stage, the CM40B is a reliable partner that stands up to the rigors of musicianship.

The Perfect Blend of Style and Function

The Cort CM40B doesn’t just sound good, it looks good too. With its sleek, modern design, it adds a touch of style to any setting. Whether you’re playing at home, recording in the studio, or performing on stage, the CM40B perfectly complements your bass and your performance. This is where style meets function, resulting in an amplifier that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is acoustically powerful.


Colour Black
Inputs/Outputs Headphone Out, Auxiliary Input, Preout
Controls Bass, Low Mid, High Mid, Treble, Gain, Master Tone
Power RMS 40W
Number of Speakers 1
Speaker Size 10″
Impedance 4 Ohms
Circuitry Solid-State
Dimensions 375(W) x 270(D) x 365(H) mm
Weight 9.7 kg