DigiTech Polara Reverb Pedal


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The Polara has the potential to add a subtle spring all the way up to a galaxy of verb’ to the tone of your instrument and everything in between. When this jaw dropping stompbox first arrived at Hickies we were instantly impressed by its diversity and range yet when we wanted to dial in something specific the Polara delivered on all fronts, with settings such as: Room, Hall, Modulated, Plate, Spring, Halo and Reverse only a dial click away. What sets this unit apart from its competitors however is its innovative Halo setting which adds cascading octaves over the course of the delay repeats to add a mythical glow effect to your tone. So if you’re after a dependable and diverse Reverb with a voice all of its own then look no further than the Polara!

This device has to be powered by a 9VDC Power supply ONLY (No battery option).

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Dimensions 111 × 67 × 50 mm