JET JS-300 SSS Strat Type With Modern Feel In Gold


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Unveiling the Jet Guitars JS-300 SSS Strat type with a modern feel – a sonic gem that embodies a harmonious blend of classic craftsmanship with contemporary finesse. Its lustrous gold finish exudes an elegance that is bound to captivate audiences and players alike, asserting its rich persona in a unique way.

The essence of the Jet Guitars JS-300 resonates in its meticulously crafted modern ‘C’ shaped neck. Constructed from exquisite Canadian roasted maple, the neck allows for a natural fit into your hands, paving the way for effortless transitions between frets. This defining feature, a hallmark of Jet Guitars, invites you to indulge in comfortable, extended playing sessions and facilitates rapid, nimble movements across the fingerboard. Ideal for the speed-loving shredders or beginners keen on learning, this feature spells endless possibilities.

At the heart of this marvelous instrument lies its trio of ceramic pickups. A nod to the timeless Jet tone, these ceramic pickups promise a classic, bright, and crisp tonality. From bold rock to soothing jazz, these pickups are versatile enough to cater to a plethora of genres, granting you the creative liberty to shape your sound and style. The influence of these ceramic pickups on your playing is profound and will indeed be instrumental in defining your sonic signature.

With its basswood body, the JS-300 offers a balance of crisp highs and warm lows, further enriching the overall tone. The guitar’s gold color, coupled with its chrome hardware, lends it an aura of sophistication and refinement. Its robust Tremolo bridge enhances the resonance while providing the flexibility for pitch modulation with fluid arm movements.

Delve deeper into the JS-300’s features, and you’ll discover a range of handy controls. Its volume and dual-tone controls, along with a five-way switch, offer intricate nuances to shape your sound. Combined with the guitar’s 22 frets and a comfortable 9.5″ fingerboard radius, it serves as the perfect tool to explore uncharted musical territories.

In summary, the Jet Guitars JS-300 SSS Strat type is a manifestation of superior craftsmanship, exceptional playability, and an unmatched tonal range. Its unique blend of vintage characteristics with modern modifications make it an ideal choice for both seasoned musicians and aspiring beginners. This guitar truly is a testament to Jet Guitars’ commitment to deliver a superior musical experience. Experience the JS-300, and let its melody weave your musical journey.


Experience Exceptional Comfort with Modern ‘C’ Shaped Neck

The Jet Guitars JS-300 proudly features a modern ‘C’ shaped neck, delicately carved from Canadian roasted maple. It allows your hand to cradle naturally, ensuring unprecedented comfort during prolonged playing sessions and quick, smooth transitions across the frets. Ideal for those speedy, intricate solos or for beginners just starting their musical journey.

Rediscover the Classic Jet Tone with Ceramic Pickups

Embedded within the JS-300 lies the heart of its sound – the ceramic pickups. Paying homage to the timeless Jet tone, these pickups deliver a sound profile that is classic, bright, and distinctly crisp. Versatile across genres, they empower you with creative freedom, enabling you to shape your unique sound and style.

Enhanced Playability with Advanced Control Features

The JS-300 doesn’t just stop at providing superior comfort and classic tones. It also equips you with a sophisticated control panel including volume, dual-tone controls, and a five-way switch. These controls, combined with the guitar’s 22 frets and comfortable 9.5″ fingerboard radius, make for an instrument that is as versatile as it is elegant.

Aesthetic Brilliance with the Gold Finish and Chrome Hardware

Cloaked in a stunning gold finish, the JS-300 instantly captures attention and holds it. Complemented by chrome hardware, this guitar exudes sophistication and luxury. With its basswood body adding to its sonic and visual charm, this instrument is a true testament to the intersection of art and technology.

Redefining Resonance with Tremolo Bridge

Housing a robust Tremolo bridge, the JS-300 ensures enhanced resonance and gives you the freedom to modulate the pitch with effortless arm movements. Whether you’re looking to infuse vibrato into your solos or trying to mimic the human voice, this feature gives you the flexibility to do so with style.


Specification Details
Product Code JETJS300GD
Body Material Basswood
Body Colour Gold
Bridge Tremolo
Neck Material Roasted Maple
Neck Shape Modern C
Scale Length 25.5”
Fingerboard Material Roasted Maple
Fingerboard Radius 9.5”
Frets 22
Nut Bone
Nut Width 42mm
Truss Rod Double Action
Pickups SSS Ceramic
Controls Volume, 2 x Tone, 5-Way Switch
Machine Heads Chrome
Hardware Chrome