Jim Dunlop Guitar Pick Shred Pack of 12


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Discover the ultimate guitar experience with the Shred Pick Variety Pack, a specially tailored collection of guitar picks for the discerning guitarist. This pack is not just a set of picks; it’s a journey through varied textures and designs, engineered to elevate your musical expression. Each pick is a gateway to a new dimension of tonal clarity, attack precision, and playing agility, catering to the nuanced demands of advanced guitar techniques.

The Shred Pick Variety Pack includes an eclectic mix:

Ultex Sharp 2.0mm: For crisp, clear notes with a robust feel.
Tortex Sharp 1.5mm: Combining a sharp attack with flexible resilience.
Tortex Flow 0.88mm & 1.0mm: Offering smooth, gliding strokes with a balanced grip.
Delrin Prime Grip 1.5mm & 2.0mm: Exceptional control with a tactile surface.
Flow Standard 1.5mm & 2.0mm: Ideal for fluid, effortless strumming.
Max-Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber & Black: Precision-crafted for intricate riffs and solos.
Jazz III Ultex: Delivers a bright, cutting tone.
Jazz III XL Stiffo: Larger size for enhanced handling and sound.