Jim Dunlop MXR Hendrix Band of Gypsys Mini Fuzz Pedal


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MXR Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys Fuzz Pedal – Unearth the Legendary Tone

Discover the captivating allure of Jimi Hendrix’s signature sound with the MXR Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys Fuzz pedal. Taking inspiration from a one-of-a-kind red Fuzz Face Distortion that graced the iconic stages of Woodstock, Berkeley, and Fillmore East between 1969 and 1970, this pedal encapsulates the raw, aggressive, and biting tones that have since been lost to time.

A Modern Homage to a Classic Sound

While the original Fuzz Face Distortion pedal with its distinct white knobs has become an elusive relic, the legendary tone it produced hasn’t. Our dedicated engineers, after meticulous research, traced its unmatched sound to a unique Octavio circuit variant, devoid of the famous octave-up effect. The result? The MXR Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys Fuzz pedal – a modern-day marvel that transports you to an era of unmatched musical innovation.

Compact Design, Boundless Creativity

Don’t let the compact MXR mini housing fool you. Within its sleek frame lies a world of sonic possibilities. Whether you’re on stage or in the studio, its Tone control offers unparalleled fine-tuning, allowing you to craft your signature sound with precision. The built-in status LED ensures you’re always in the know, while the true-bypass switching preserves the integrity of your tone.

Elevated Aesthetics

Drawing on the artistic brilliance of the award-winning UK-based design team, ILOVEDUST, the MXR Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys Fuzz pedal isn’t just a treat for the ears, but a feast for the eyes. Adorned with psychedelic, kaleidoscopic designs, it pays fitting tribute to the era it embodies.

Versatile Powering Options

The flexibility doesn’t end with tonal adjustments. Power this pedal effortlessly using a Dunlop ECB003 9-volt adapter or select from options like the DC Brick, Iso-Brick, or Mini Iso-Brick power supplies. No matter your setup, the MXR Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys Fuzz pedal seamlessly integrates, ensuring that the spirit of rock lives on, one riff at a time.

Step into the world of Hendrix and embrace the authentic experience of the ’69 Psych Series. Whether you’re a seasoned guitarist or just starting, this pedal promises a journey through time, taking your sound to legendary heights.