Kawai KG1E 5’5 Grand Piano


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Experience Timeless Elegance: The Kawai KG1E 5’5 Grand Piano (1990)

Unveil the harmonious melodies of a classic masterpiece with the Kawai KG1E 5’5 Grand Piano, meticulously crafted in 1990 to captivate both seasoned musicians and aspiring virtuosos alike. As a symbol of musical craftsmanship, this awe-inspiring instrument offers an enchanting combination of elegance, precision, and rich tonality that continues to stand the test of time.

Elegance and Craftsmanship in Perfect Harmony:

The Kawai KG1E exudes timeless elegance with its polished ebony finish and graceful curves. The artful design, reflecting Kawai’s century-long dedication to piano-making, evokes a sense of refinement that complements any living space, studio, or concert hall.

Unparalleled Sound Performance:

Unleashing a captivating sound that resonates deep within the soul, the Kawai KG1E showcases an extraordinary tonal range and expressive power. Its responsive touch and immaculate action allow pianists to effortlessly convey their emotions, while the premium materials used in its construction ensure exceptional sound projection and sustain.

Historic Legacy of Kawai Pianos:

Kawai has earned its reputation as one of the world’s foremost piano manufacturers since its founding in 1927. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and uncompromising quality, Kawai has been chosen by renowned artists, educators, and piano enthusiasts across the globe.

Meticulously Restored and Pristine Condition:

Our Kawai KG1E 5’5 Grand Piano from 1990 has been meticulously restored by our team of expert technicians. Each element, from the soundboard to the keys, has been carefully inspected and, when necessary, brought back to its original splendor, ensuring a playing experience that rivals that of a brand-new instrument.

Why Choose a Kawai KG1E 5’5 Grand Piano (1990):

  • Time-honored elegance combined with exceptional craftsmanship
  • Unparalleled sound quality and dynamic range
  • A brand with a historic legacy of piano-making excellence
  • Meticulously restored to pristine condition
  • Perfect for musicians, educators, and enthusiasts alike

Unlock Your Musical Journey:

Whether you’re a professional pianist seeking an instrument of unparalleled quality or an enthusiastic learner stepping into the world of music, the Kawai KG1E 5’5 Grand Piano promises an immersive and inspiring musical journey like no other.

Preserve Tradition, Embrace Innovation:

At our showroom, we cherish the heritage of instruments like the Kawai KG1E while embracing modern innovations that enhance the playing experience. Step into our space and explore a world where tradition and technology harmonize to elevate the joy of creating music.


The Kawai KG1E 5’5 Grand Piano, dating back to 1990, is a timeless masterpiece that represents the epitome of piano craftsmanship. Combining elegant design, rich tonality, and a historic legacy, this meticulously restored instrument is a gateway to a musical experience that will enchant generations to come. Begin your melodic odyssey with the Kawai KG1E and immerse yourself in the artistry of one of the finest pianos ever created.