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Welcome to the expanding world of the Travel Guitars range, now presenting the Sauvage Series, an instrument that takes you back to the roots, as close to nature as possible. This series encapsulates three eco-friendly travel-sized guitars that display the raw beauty of the rough sawn timber. The backs and sides of these instruments are minimalistically varnished to preserve the organic touch of the wood. This is all about unprocessed aesthetics and environmental responsibility, an homage to the natural world.

The Travel Sauvage series is versatile, offering a distinct solid top wood options of Red Cedar. This timber contributes its own unique acoustic properties and tonal variations to the guitar, ensuring that every musician finds the perfect fit. With back and sides crafted from rough sawn timber, and a minimal application of varnish, these guitars have a texture that’s as smooth and natural as it can be.

The acclaimed Travel Red Cedar Sauvage, otherwise known as TRAVEL-RCS, is uniquely characterized by its Eucalyptus rough sawn body, this guitar showcases a stunning solid Red Cedar top with a satin finish, a timber renowned in guitar manufacture for its exceptional projection and warmth properties. As with all the models in the Travel range, this guitar comes with a dedicated gig bag, specially tailored for the travelling musician.

The manufacturing of these guitars reflect Lâg’s firm commitment to an eco-friendly approach. The use of ultra-minimalist varnish and FSC certified woods ensures the least possible harm to the environment while still delivering instruments of the highest quality.

But it’s not just about the aesthetics and environment-friendly attributes. The Sauvage TRAVEL-RCS is equipped with a whole host of top-grade specifications. The smoked Eucalyptus rough sawn finish, brown BrankoWood bridge, and Khaya neck are just a few of its standout features. Along with these, its rounded back design offers enhanced sound projection and acoustic performance, making this guitar as functional as it is beautiful.

The innovative eco-friendly varnishing process adopted by Lâg Guitars is groundbreaking. It shows how the company is devoted to the preservation of rare woods in the world. The introduction of BrankoWood, a revolutionary product of two decades of research by Australian scientist Branko Hermescee, is a pivotal strategy in this commitment. The wood is treated through a meticulous process of drying, impregnation, and compression to achieve the same acoustic characteristics as rare and precious woods, but in a more sustainable way.

Apart from the Red Cedar Sauvage, the Travel Spruce Sauvage is another guitar that commands attention in this series. Similar to the Red Cedar model, it also boasts a unique Eucalyptus rough sawn body finish. But this time, it pairs it with a stunning solid Spruce top, another wood celebrated for its loud projection and brightness. Of course, this model is also sold with a dedicated gig bag, a trademark of the Travel series.

Lâg Guitars continues their tradition of innovation with the Sauvage Series. The FSC Certified wood and the newly developed eco-friendly varnishing process are just examples of the brand’s pioneering spirit and their conscious effort to minimize the impact on the environment. The rough sawn look on the back and sides of these guitars, complemented by the iconic Lâg French Headstock design, is a true reflection of the character of these instruments – tough, rugged, ready for the road, and always up for an adventure.

One of the crowning features of the Red Cedar Sauvage is its Canadian Red Cedar Solid top with Oval rosette and Wind Rose design. This aesthetic touch adds an extra dimension of style and elegance to the guitar. And to top it all off, every Sauvage guitar comes with a travel case. Now, you’re not just ready to make music. You’re ready to take it anywhere. Travel, play, repeat. The Sauvage Series from Lâg is here to accompany you on all your adventures.


<h3> Eco-Friendly Design </h3>

The Travel Sauvage Series guitars are at the forefront of environmental consciousness. Lâg has masterfully combined quality craftsmanship with a commitment to preserving the planet. The use of FSC certified woods, from the solid Red Cedar, Engelmann Spruce and Pale BrankoWood tops, to the rough sawn timber used for the back and sides, ensures sustainable production. Furthermore, an ultra-minimalist varnish is used to maintain the natural texture of the timber, significantly reducing the environmental footprint.
<h3> The Travel Red Cedar Sauvage </h3>

At the heart of the Sauvage Series lies the Travel Red Cedar Sauvage, a model designed to impress. Its Eucalyptus rough sawn body provides a unique rustic aesthetic, while the solid Red Cedar top ensures projection and warmth of sound. This model epitomizes the Travel range, offering both a stunning look and impressive functionality, with a gig bag included for the musician on the go.
<h3> Premium Specifications </h3>

Every aspect of the Sauvage TRAVEL-RCS has been thoughtfully designed to offer superior sound and playability. Its smoked Eucalyptus rough sawn finish and brown BrankoWood bridge contribute to its unique sound and feel. The Khaya neck, combined with a 43mm nut width and a 20-fret fingerboard made from Brown BrankoWood, provides smooth playability. Additionally, its unique double-action truss rod and die-cast tuning pegs ensure precise tuning and adjustments.
<h3> Revolutionary BrankoWood </h3>

The introduction of BrankoWood is a major leap forward in sustainable guitar production. This material, created by Australian scientist Branko Hermescee after two decades of research, imitates the acoustic characteristics of rare woods like spruce, rosewood, and ebony, offering high-quality sound while being a more eco-friendly option. This proprietary material is used in the bridge, fingerboard, and headstock of the Sauvage guitars, contributing to their unique tone and feel.
<h3> Travel Spruce Sauvage </h3>

Just like its Red Cedar sibling, the Travel Spruce Sauvage features a unique Eucalyptus rough sawn body finish. The difference lies in its solid Spruce top, offering a bright tone and loud projection that’s perfect for cutting through mixes. Just as you’d expect from any guitar in the Travel series, it comes complete with its own dedicated gig bag for easy transportation.
<h3> Continued Innovation </h3>

The Sauvage Series highlights Lâg Guitars’ tradition of continuous innovation, blending the French Headstock design with a rough sawn look, and pairing eco-friendly processes with FSC certified woods. The result is a series of guitars that are both environmentally conscious and ready to tackle any musical journey you embark on.
<h3> The Canadian Red Cedar Solid Top </h3>

The crowning feature of the Red Cedar Sauvage is undoubtedly its Canadian Red Cedar Solid top. This not only enhances the overall tone of the instrument but also serves as an aesthetic touchstone, with an Oval rosette and Wind Rose design. It adds a level of elegance to the guitar’s overall rustic and rugged appeal.
<h3> Ready for the Road </h3>

The Sauvage Series is created with the travelling musician in mind. Each guitar in this series comes with a rugged, road-ready travel case, ensuring that your instrument is protected wherever your music takes you. This makes the Sauvage Series the perfect companion for all your musical adventures, whether they are around the campfire or on a world tour stage.


Series Sauvage Travel Series
Body Material Smoked Eucalyptus Rough Sawn Finish
Top Material Solid Red Cedar
Bridge Material Brown Brankowood
Category Steel String Shaped Body
Colour Natural
Cover/Case Padded cover
Fingerboard Material Brown BrankoWood
Finishing Satin
Format Travel
Number of Strings 6
Number of Frets 20
Neck Material Khaya
Nut Black graphite wedge (72 mm & 43 mm)
Nut Width 43 mm
Original Strings Bronze 80/20 13-56
Radius 350 mm
Scale Length 600 mm
Special Feature Travel
Strings Material Steel
Truss Rod Double-action
Tuning Pegs Die cast, ratio 1:18
Extra Features Rounded back, eco-friendly varnishing process