Laka Mahogany Electro-Acoustic Soprano Ukulele With Carry Bag


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Introducing the Laka Electro-Acoustic Soprano Ukulele from the esteemed Mahogany Series – a blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and innovation. Crafted with attention to detail, its luminous satin finish showcases the natural, deep, rich brown shades of sapele, a tonewood specifically selected for its robust acoustic properties. This tonewood not only renders a warm and woody resonance but also strikes a harmonious balance between powerful low tones, steady mids, and a crystalline high-end response.

Laka’s mastery extends beyond just tonal excellence. With an okoume neck seamlessly paired with a walnut fingerboard and bridge, the design is complemented by an artistically laser-etched palm tree rosette and headstock adorned with a distinct Laka motif. And, ensuring it stays in tune, the ukulele is equipped with chrome-plated die-cast tuners.

Yet, the real allure of this petite musical wonder lies in its dynamic range. Despite its modest size – a hallmark of the Laka range – this soprano ukulele produces a volume that belies its stature. Whether you’re around a campfire or on a grand stage, its sound remains consistently captivating. Amplifying this natural acoustic richness is Laka’s custom-designed preamp and pickup system. Fitted with individual volume and tone controls, this system guarantees that the ukulele’s authentic sound is impeccably projected, be it through amplifiers, mixers, or PA systems.

In addition, the Laka Electro-Acoustic Soprano Ukulele boasts 15 frets, a durable ABS nut, and is strung with top-tier Aquila strings. It’s not just an instrument but a testament to Laka’s commitment to quality, a trait that has cemented their reputation globally. With each purchase, you also receive a protective Laka carry bag, ensuring your ukulele remains safe during travels.

To understand the unmatched prowess of this ukulele is to recognize Laka’s legacy. Their promise is simple: each ukulele is a culmination of precision, passion, and expertise – a standard they’ve set and consistently achieved across their diverse range, from soprano to bass ukuleles.

So, if you’re in pursuit of a ukulele that resonates with quality, the Laka Electro-Acoustic Soprano from the Mahogany Series is your match. Experience the sound, style, and legacy of Laka today.


Classic Soprano Size with Electro Acoustic Features

The iconic soprano size meets modern electro-acoustic capabilities, ideal for both intimate gatherings and larger stage settings.

Exquisite Natural Mahogany Finish

The ukulele boasts a captivating natural mahogany finish that accentuates the deep brown hues, providing an elegant visual appeal.

Superior Sapele Tonewood Construction

Chosen for its resonant warmth and clarity across frequencies, the top, back, and sides are crafted from high-quality Sapele wood.

Detailed Palm Design on Soundhole

An intricately etched palm tree design decorates the soundhole, adding a touch of tropical inspiration to the instrument.

Robust Onboard Electronics

Equipped with Laka’s proprietary preamp and pickup system, this ukulele features separate volume and tone controls for precise sound adjustments.

Reliable Hardware

The ukulele is fitted with durable die-cast chrome machineheads, ensuring stable tuning and longevity.

Smooth Walnut Fingerboard and Bridge

A walnut fingerboard and bridge complement the ukulele’s overall design while ensuring comfortable playability and sound transfer.

High-Quality Aquila Strings

Fitted with industry-renowned Aquila strings, the ukulele promises consistent tonal quality and playability.

Inclusive Laka Carry Bag

Every purchase includes a Laka-branded carry bag, ensuring your ukulele remains protected during travels and storage.

Perfect for All Levels of Musicianship

From novices enjoying their first chords to seasoned performers, this Laka ukulele is a top choice for players across the globe.


Size Soprano
Finish Natural Mahogany
Top Wood Sapele
Back Wood Sapele
Sides Wood Sapele
Soundhole Design Palm
Bridge Material Walnut
Preamp Yes
Pickup Yes
Controls Volume, Tone
Machineheads Die Cast Chrome
Neck Material Okoume
Neck Inlays Dot
Fingerboard Material Walnut
Number of Frets 15
Nut Material ABS
Headstock Material Sapele
Strings Aquila
Accessories Laka Carry Bag Included