Laney MINI-IRON Guitar Amplifier


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The Laney Iron has gone down in metal history as one seriously ferocious beast, being a favourite contemporary amp amongst players the world over and Laney have done a marvellous job at downscaling it into this incredibly portable form. Powered by 6 X AA Batteries the Mini-Iron projects a mighty 3 watts of sound (remarkable for its size) and has an innovative “LSI” feature allowing you to expand the range of tones available to the Mini-Iron via your Smartphone or tablet. Unleash the power of Laney with this incredible mini amplifier!


Powered By: 6 X AA Batteries
Output: 3 Watts
Channels: 2 (Clean & Drive)
Bluetooth Compatible: No
Dimensions: 120mm X 173mm X 100mm (HWD)
Weight: 0.75 KG
Apps Compatible: Tonebridge, Digital Guitar
Headphone Socket: Yes
Aux In: Yes