Laney MINI-LION Guitar Amplifier


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The Lionheart is one of Laney amplifications most iconic products and the Mini-Lion condenses all of that innovation and heraldry into an incredibly small package. Powered by 6xAA Batteries the Mini-Lion can kick out a fair amount of volume for its size (3 Watts) and can be linked to your smart phone or tablet via its “Laney Smart Interface Socket” where you can have access to thousands on banked guitar sounds. Get a great sound on the go with these tiny but mighty amps!


Powered By: 6 X AA Batteries
Output: 3 Watts
Channels: 2 (Clean & Drive)
Dimensions: 120mm X 173mm X 100mm (HWD)
Weight: 0.75KG
Apps Compatible: Tonebridge, Digital Guitar
Headphone Socket: Yes
Aux In: Yes