Laney MINI-STB-SUPERG Guitar Amplifier


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The Laney Supergroup was one of the most iconic amps of the 60’s, designed to rock (and rock hard) and Laney have managed to capture the essence of what made the Supergroup so fantastic and squish it into a mini version. Powered by 6 X AA Batteries the Laney Mini-STB-SuperG has a pokey output of 6 Watts and can be linked to your Smartphone or tablet to greatly expand your amps range of sound (with Bluetooth connectivity). The slightly wider STB version also features Stereo speakers and an onboard delay effect. This tiny yet mighty amp is kind on both your back and wallet.


Powered By: 6 X AA Batteries
Output: 6 Watts
Channels: 2 (Clean & Drive) with Delay
Bluetooth Compatible: Yes
Dimensions: 142mm X 205mm X 100mm (HWD)
Weight: 1.20 KG
Apps Compatible: Tonebridge, Digital Guitar
Headphone Socket: Yes
Aux In: Yes