M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61 MIDI Controller With 61 Keys – Smart Controls And Auto-mapping


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Introducing the Oxygen Pro 61, an advanced MIDI controller that seamlessly combines power, versatility, and creativity into one sophisticated device. Specially designed to empower the music creators of today, this cutting-edge tool aids in effortlessly converting your musical vision into a reality.

The Oxygen Pro 61, a product of renowned music technology brand M-Audio, showcases a new level of innovation with its 61 semi-weighted keys, offering superior control and an unprecedented playing experience. The keys’ velocity-sensitive design, coupled with aftertouch and assignable zones, forms a compelling foundation for precision and expressivity.

But what makes Oxygen Pro 61 stand out is not just its extensive key bed, but the addition of 16 velocity-sensitive RGB backlit pads. These are built for a wide array of functions from beat production to clip launching, and are designed to resonate with modern-day music production methods.

For those seeking to gain control over their virtual instruments, plugins, and DAWs, the Oxygen Pro 61 doesn’t disappoint. It boasts 8 assignable knobs and 9 faders, making it possible to shape your sound and mix with ease. In addition, its built-in arpeggiator with comprehensive controls offers another dimension of playability.

One defining aspect of the Oxygen Pro 61 is its Smart Modes – Smart Chord and Smart Scale. These tools simplify the music-making process, allowing for intuitive chord voicing and ensuring you never hit a wrong note, which ultimately helps you focus more on crafting your perfect song.

The controller also provides a reliable USB-MIDI connection and a 5-pin MIDI Output, offering compatibility with external MIDI gear. Its ergonomically designed pitch and modulation wheels, alongside a 1/4” sustain pedal input, add to the enhanced playability.

For those who appreciate a clear, user-friendly interface, the Oxygen Pro 61 offers an intuitive layout featuring an OLED screen, perfect for quick control edits. A complete software production package accompanies this controller, which includes Ableton Live Lite, MPC Beats, and AIR Music Technology plugins like Hybrid 3, Velvet, Mini Grand, TubeSynth, Electric, and Bassline.

The Oxygen Pro 61 MIDI controller isn’t just about efficient music creation; it’s about delivering a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for music creators. This instrument is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring reliability and delivering professional-grade performance. It stands as a testimony to M-Audio’s expertise and authority in the music tech industry, offering a trustworthy solution for your musical needs.

In summary, the Oxygen Pro 61 is more than a MIDI controller—it’s a comprehensive tool that brings out the best in your music. From its semi-weighted keys to its vast software suite, the Oxygen Pro 61 is a true gem for musicians and producers seeking to elevate their creative journey. Trust us; your music deserves it.


61-Key Semi-Weighted MIDI Controller

Unlock your full potential with the Oxygen Pro 61’s semi-weighted 61-key bed. Experience the enhanced touch and dynamics this keyboard provides, ideal for both studio work and live performances.

Smart Chord and Smart Scale Modes

Unleash your creativity and play like a pro, without worrying about wrong notes. With Smart Chord and Smart Scale modes, you can explore a wide range of musical styles and sounds.

USB-Powered with DAW Compatibility

Enjoy the convenience of a USB-powered MIDI controller with seamless DAW integration. The Oxygen Pro 61 automaps its controls for easy setup with major DAWs, freeing you to focus more on the creative process.

16 RGB Backlit Pads

Capture your beats and ideas using the 16 velocity-sensitive, RGB backlit pads. These features make beat production and clip launching a breeze.

Assignable Knobs, Buttons, and Faders

Take control of your mix and virtual instruments with eight assignable knobs, nine faders, and numerous buttons. The Oxygen Pro 61 provides you with complete command of your musical landscape.

Built-In Arpeggiator

Experiment with patterns and rhythms using the built-in Arpeggiator. With its versatile controls, it opens up new possibilities for your compositions.

Ergonomic Pitch and Modulation Wheels

Explore a spectrum of sound with the ergonomically designed pitch and modulation wheels. These features add depth and dynamics to your music, allowing you to express your artistic vision fully.

OLED Screen and Intuitive Layout

Navigate your settings easily with the Oxygen Pro 61’s intuitive layout and OLED screen. This user-friendly interface makes it easier to edit controls and access features.

Premium Software Suite Included

Gain access to a comprehensive collection of software with the Oxygen Pro 61. This includes Ableton Live Lite, MPC Beats, and a range of AIR Music Technology plugins, giving you a wealth of sonic possibilities.

Professional Semi-Weighted Action

Feel the difference with the M-Audio PrecisionTouch key bed. Its professional semi-weighted action ensures an ultra-expressive playing experience, adding a new level of dynamics to your performance.


Product Oxygen Pro 61
Included Accessories USB Cable, Software Download Card, Quickstart Guide, Safety & Warranty Manual
Dimensions (inches) 10.4” x 38.0” x 3.3”
Dimensions (mm) 264.2 x 965.2 x 83.8 mm
Weight (lbs) 10.6 lbs
Weight (kg) 4.8 kg