Percussion Workshop 27 note chromatic glockenspiel with coloured keys and case


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This Percussion Workshop colourful glockenspiel is perfect for teaching young children the basics of musical notation and harmony. Each note bar is engraved with its note name and is colour coded, making this instrument ideal for younger players who are getting to grips with playing musical instruments.

The note bars are mounted in a tough, blue plastic case with a handle, which makes the glockenspiel easy to transport and store. The case also features folding legs on the bottom which elevate the instrument off the floor, enabling a greater quality sound to be produced. A pair of yellow extra strong beaters are supplied in the case, designed to withstand frequent use.

Please note: These items are musical instruments, not toys, and are suitable for use by 3 year olds and above. It is advised that they are used with supervision as there are small parts on and in some of them.


  • Notes included: G59 – A85
  • Range of over two octaves
  • Pitch names etched on note bars
  • Folding legs support the glockenspiel and ensure a good quality sound
  • Comes supplied in durable blue case with handle
  • Pair of yellow plastic beaters included