Trinity College London: Raise The Bar Grade 3-5


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Raise the Bar is a collection of the most popular pieces from past Trinity exam syllabuses, accompanied by informative teaching notes. Each book contains an attractive selection of pieces to help pianists expand their repertoire and discover music from different styles and periods.

Song List

  • Romance [Marais]
  • Allegro in E Minor [Agrell]
  • Allegro [Pergolesi]
  • Bourree in A minor [Krebs]
  • Allegretto [Gurlitt]
  • Melody [Khatchaturian]
  • Spanish Dance [Kelly]
  • Jig [Hurd]
  • Pavan: The Earle Of Salisbury [Byrd]
  • Allegro in A major [Bach]
  • Andante con espressione [Clementi]
  • Scherzo (Hummel)
  • Study in E minor [Bertini]
  • Suite de Danzas Criollas [Ginastera]
  • Kleine Elegie [Manfred Schmitz]
  • Hanschen Klein [Lachenmann]
  • Allegro Con Spirito [Kuhlau]
  • Am Abend [Hoffmann]
  • Arietta [Grieg]
  • Cantilena [Camilleri]
  • Chinese Carillion [Rozsa]
  • Haunted House [Benjamin]
  • Two-part Invention in Eb [Vaughan Williams]
  • Kettle Rag [Norton]