ABRSM: Finger Jogging Boogie


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Seventeen tuneful pieces to set the fingers walking and the feet tapping. Jazz arranger and composer Stephen Duro has written some catchy but very easy tunes in a range of popular styles for beginners. Styles include a bright rock number and sunny calypso, a jaunty blues and cheerful ragtime, and a gentle waltz and happy-go-lucky cha cha.

Song List

  • A Raggy Tune: No. 1
  • Distant Drums: No. 2
  • Walk in the Park: No. 3
  • Waltz for Denise: No. 4
  • Finger Jogging Boogie: No. 5
  • ‘Rainy Day’, No. 6 from Finger Jogging Boogie
  • Jaunty Blues: No. 7
  • Swinging Along: No. 8
  • Calypso Joe
  • Up and Down the Stairs: No. 10
  • Now Listen to my Story: No. 11
  • Happy-Go-Lucky Cha Cha: No. 12
  • Song of the Pine Tree: No. 13
  • Boston to Dover: No. 14
  • One and a Half Minute Waltz: No. 15
  • Peppermint Rock: No. 16
  • Bygone Dreams: No. 17