ABRSM: Jazz Piano Pieces Grade 5


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Five albums of graded pieces providing a wealth of jazz repertoire. Each presents 15 pieces in three lists: blues, standards and contemporary jazz. The head of each piece is set out with characteristic voicings, phrasing and rhythmic patterns. The improvised section gives guideline pitches and left-hand voicings as a practical starting-point.

Song List

  • All Blues [Miles Davis]
  • Crossover Blues [Pete Saberton]
  • Lemon Cornette [Nikki Iles]
  • That Monday Morning Feeling [Roland Perrin]
  • Jamming with Jools [Brian Priestley]
  • Christopher Columbus [Leon Berry]
  • Blue Bossa [Kenny Dorham]
  • Oleo [Sonny Rollins]
  • 34Skidoo [Bill Evans]
  • Take the ‘A’ Train [Billy Strayhorn]
  • An Oscar for Oscar [Richard Michael]
  • So Long [Chris Batchelor]
  • Mambo Country [Terry Seabrook]
  • Waltz for Autumn [Terry Seabrook]
  • Chops [Chris Batchelor]