30 Children Pieces Op.27


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A new edition of this children’s classic, published complete by Boosey & Hawkes for the first time. Contains teaching notes by the internationally acclaimed pianist and teacher John York.The edition is part of the ABRSM syllabus (grade 4).

Song List

  • A Dramatic Event Op.27 No.30
  • A Little Fable Op.27 No.9
  • A Little Joke Op.27 No.13
  • A Little Song Op.27 No.2
  • A Sad Story Op.27 No.6
  • A Short Story Op.27 No.20
  • A Tale Op.27 No.22
  • An Old Dance Op.27 No.7
  • Ballade Op.27 No.16
  • Caprice Op.27 No.28
  • Cavalryman Op.27 No.29
  • Clowning Around Op.27 No.10
  • Dance On The Lawn Op.27 No.17
  • Dance Op.27 No.27
  • Etude In A Minor Op.27 No.3
  • Etude In A Op.27 No.26
  • Etude In F Op.27 No.24
  • Lullaby Op.27 No.8
  • March Op.27 No.15
  • Night On The River Op.27 No.4
  • Novelette Op.27 No.25
  • Playing Ball Op.27 No.5
  • Rondo Op.27 No.11
  • Scherzo Op.27 No.14
  • Snow Storm Op.27 No.23
  • Sonatina Op.27 No.18
  • The Chase Op.27 No.21
  • Toccatina Op.27 No.12
  • Waltz Op.27 No.1
  • War Dance Op.27 No.19