Hours With The Masters Pre Grade 1


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Song List

  • A Country Dance [Kohler, Louis]
  • A Graceful Dance [Le Couppey, Felix]
  • A Song Tune [Purcell, Henry]
  • A Waltz Tune [Czerny, Carl]
  • Andante [Muller, August Eberhardt]
  • Andante [Steibelt, Daniel]
  • Bohemian Song And Dance A Happy Song [Le Couppey, Felix]
  • Evening Calm [Czerny, Carl]
  • Flying High [Czerny, Carl]
  • Follow My Leader [Beyer, Ferdinand]
  • Hop, Skip, And Jump [Czerny, Carl]
  • Lullaby [Kullak, Theodor]
  • Minuet In F [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  • Polka [Kohler, Louis]
  • Soldiers’ March [Schumann, Robert]
  • Waltz [Kohler, Louis]