Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course Lesson 1


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This course is designed for the adult beginner who wishes to learn the Piano by learning and playing chords quickly.

The course has a number of features that make it particularly successful in achieving this goal. Itprogresses very smoothly, with no gaps that cause the skipping of hard sections. In addition, it teaches chords for both hands. Because of this, the pieces are more musical and make playing a richer, more rewarding experience.

Also taught is the understanding of how chords are formed. Instead of memorizing chords, students learn how to derive them regardless of what key they are playing in. Finally, the choice of song material is outstanding,withsome popular and familiar favourites mixed with tuneful originals, all adding to the fun and enjoyment of making music.

The student is encouraged to use the accompanying CD and playing along with these recordings is notonly enjoyable, but is invaluable for reinforcing musical concepts such as rhythm, dynamics and phrasing.