Position Changing for the Violin


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22 melodies for violin and piano designed to help students learn the correct method of shifting from one position to another. The position changes are from 1st to 3rd and vice versa and when mastered the same technique can be applied to all other position changes. This book is suitable for individual and class tuition.

Song List

  • Andante [Haydn, Joseph]
  • Canon [Hayes, Philip]
  • Fanfare [Corrette, Michel]
  • Gavotte [Martini, Giovanni Battista]
  • Gypsy Dance [Erdeli, Xenian]
  • Hungarian Melody [Traditional]
  • Landler [Reinecke, Carl]
  • Les Bouffons (Orchesographie) [Arbeau, Thoinot]
  • Mailied (May Song) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  • March (Oratorio Judas Maccabeus) [Handel, George Frideric]
  • March (The Peasants’ Cantata) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  • Morning Song [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich]
  • Piper’s Tune [Hadgiev, Parashkev]
  • Pony Trot [Krasev, A.]
  • Rigaudon [Rameau, Jean-philippe]
  • Shepherd’s Song [Raichev, Alexander]
  • The Cuckoo (Czech Folk Song) [Komarovsky, Ignacy]
  • The Cuckoo (Swiss Folk Song)
  • The Grey Dove [Komarovsky, Ignacy]
  • Turkish March (Ruins Of Athens Op.113 No. 4) [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]
  • Waltz [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  • Waltz [Schubert, Franz]